Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridal Shower!

There is so much fun stuff going on in my life right now that I want to share, so I just find myself blog, blog, blogging! As I mentioned before, my roommates Lindsey Palmer and Anessa Humes threw me a fantastic bridal shower! Everything was WONDERFUL! I'm telling you, these wonderful girls have been planning this since I got engaged. They are taking a cake decorating class and have been planning my cake since before I was engaged I'm pretty sure haha! They have been AMAZINGLY good to me. Serious. They keep me sane. They came with me to take my bridals and engagements. They got me a veil and slip to wear. They did my hair. They made my bouquet. They made cake, food, decorations, and got me rockin presents for this bridal shower. It was just everything I could have ever wanted! All of my great college roommates/girlfriends were there. I missed those of you who are far away terribly, and I can't wait to see you! Believe it or not, the cake is pg-13. so be prepared.

They had me wearing this sweet crown and veil

There they are! What does that cake look like, you say? Well let me show you a close up! And yes... they made it themselves!It was so cute with the pictures of michael and I all around with cookies for all of the guests! I am going to post pictures of the decorations for my mom to see :) and anyone else who would like to know what it looked like! So get ready for pictures!!!
Everyone wrote on those pages. I love them!
They split up in groups and made me a letter out of candy bars. SO CUTE!
And then Lindsey brought out the one that Michael had secretly made. It was HILARIOUS!!And then it was PRESENT TIME! I got some WONDERFUL things that I totally love. Mom's present was a HIT! For real! This is when I opened it. :)
I believe the group picture was taken on Brooke's camera so I dont have those pictures yet. But, Be assured that it was lots and lots of fun and I was so grateful for all of the work that went into it. I felt so special :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer and Engagement Happenings

I want you all to know that I have attempted this post about 500 times, but blogger freaks out on me every time. SO- I'm just going to pack as much in this post as I can while it's working. There is a lot going on right now and I LOVE IT! I have so much to be thankful for and I'm reminded everyday. Wedding planning is a blast! Well, none of it is possible at all without my wonderful mother who works so hard and makes it all look easy, thus allowing it to be quite enjoyable for me! Thanks mom :).

Michael and I got our engagement picture taken by Tyra Andrews and we are so happy with them! She has been so wonderful to work with! She also did my bridal pictures and designed our announcement. What a help she has been do us! Here are a couple of the engagements! There are lots more!! But you'll have to wait until the reception.
I'm not going to post my bridals on here just incase my Michael gets any bright ideas. Also, this way, my dress will be a suprise at the wedding! But, just know that I'm SO happy with the work Tyra did! They are magical and it was a really fun time taking all of the pictures! Everything else is coming along quite smoothly as well. I dream up all of these things I want and then my fantastic mother makes them happen :). I can't wait to share August 15th with you all... but mostly Michael :) :)!!
Also, my roommates threw me an AWESOME bridal shower! Really, it was fantastic! So fantastic that it will have it's own post coming up here soon... assuming that blogger will choose to work for me next week.

For those of you who would like something comical to read, or may be very bored (Anessa), I would like to include these few Wal-Mart experiences in this post before the internet freaks out again. Stephanie and I tend to give everyone nick names. Especially customers, because you don't know their real name, so you have to have some way to I.D them. For example, at grocery outlet we befriended Workin Hard, Elton John, Big Lips, and Keopectate, among many others. So, my first story will be refered to as Hyper Sensitive Lady...

She walks up to my line with what I'm assuming was her husband. I ring everything up and tell her the amount. By this point, I could tell there was a screw or 2 missing and that she wasn't quite all there. But, she handed me to correct amount of money and so I got her change. Just a side note, I DO NOT touch people's hands when I hand them their change... eww- some people have FILTHY hands. So, I just lightly dropped her coins into her palm. Her quarter dropped out of her hand and on to the counter... and then all Hell broke loose. Hyper Senstive Lady was VERY upset that her quarter fell. "PLEASE DON"T THROW THINGS AT ME" She says. "PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS THROWING THINGS AT ME." "I'M A NORMAL PERSON TOO, YOU KNOW". "S***". I'm just standing there staring at her wondering why she won't look at me and talk to me rather than just yell. Then her husband says, "Forgive her, she's blind". At this point, I had SO many thoughts. 1) Being blind doesn't give you a free pass to yell at the grocery checker. 2) maybe tell me she was blind before I handed her the change. 3) hahahaha- she totally made it sound like people throw things at her every day, like this was a common occurance. 4) I DIDN'T THROW ANYTHING! THE QUARTER DROPPED!!

Sheesh! My next customer was a guy I work with who is deaf, but can still communicate very well and we're great friends. The checker next to me said, Sean is deaf, are you going to throw his change at him too. hahahaha!

You ready for another? I just found this kind of comical. It was just last night. It's late. like 10:30 and this lady rolls up in her motorized cart. IT IS FULL OF CRAP. and I mean crap, stuff that nobody buys. She tells me she would like everything organized. Dark things in one bag, sparkly things in one bag, and light colored things in another. And then she says. "Oh, you know what, these things are patriotic, they better have their own bag too". WHAT?!!! So, that was weird enough, and then I tell her the total and she reaches into her shirt with NO hesitation and I saw alllll the way down that shirt... NOT PLEASANT! She pulls out, not a couple bucks or a credit card, her whole big, fat wallet!

People sure are interesting!! there is WAY more where that came from. If you made it through, bless you! I'll post again soon, I promise!

Off to Aberdeen this weekend WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Also, one more thing. I LOVE michael woodmansee. Honestly, if only I could describe to you how good he is to me. I cannot wait to be his wife :). Just thought you all should know!