Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Go Ducks!

We had some friends over to watch the big Duck game. Sadly, the game did not end as we had hoped. Our Ducks fought to the bitter end, but Auburn came out on top. Boo. But, we still had a good time watching the game and spending time together :) So I would call that a success!

So proud of my non-Oregon girls in their Duck gear :) GO DUCKS!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas with the Woodmansees

I love this pic... So christmasy!!

Michael and I had a great Christmas! This post is loaded with pictures. I wanted to share as many as I could so that my Woodmansee family could steal them if they want, and so that my Jolley family could see what we were up to this year. So, I'll try do to minimal talking and let the pictures do the work. To sum it up, we were lucky to spend Christmas with the Woodmansee family is Texas this year. It was really special to us and especially Michael because he hasn't spent time at home since his mission (my bad, I stole him)! It was fun for me to see how they do things and my favorite part was spending time with everyone. We never get to see Michael's mom and dad, Bill and Amber, or Judd and Shellie, so it's always awesome when we do.

To start off the trip, we had quite the adventure on Christmas eve. We didn't want to bother anyone on Christmas eve for a ride to the airport. SO, we drove to Courts, parked our car, walked to the bus stop, rode the bus all over SLC and finally ended up at the airport :) haha!

That is how thrilled I was about the walking-with-all-of-our-luggage situation. My scarf is so beautifully wrapped around my ears because they were frozen. And I wasn't wearing a coat because I knew it would be warm in Texas. Luckily, Michael was with me keeping me laughing about the whole situation!
We made it to Texas and opened presents on Christmas day with the fam! It was really so fun to see everyone open their gifts. They were all SO thoughtful and Michael and I felt so spoiled by the awesome presents they gave us. Here's Shellie and Judd on Christmas morning. Shellie stuck around for part of the week and played with us which I LOVED! Bill and Amber! We had a lot of fun spending time with these 2, and they brought us all fabulous gifts from their trip to Italy!
I made Cheri a family calendar. I wish I would have made one for the whole fam... oh well!
This is my favorite picture, Richard got an iPad. His face was pricelss!
Santa, aka- Richard and Cheri, got us a Flip! YAY!!! They totally read my mind. I really wanted one, but I didn't ask anyone for one. We were SO excited! I'll be sure to start posting videos.
Cheri got a Wii and we had a lot of fun getting her all set up! She's pretty much a pro!We were also able to see Michael's close friends and that was a lot of fun for us. They are all such great people. It was my first Christmas ever away from home, my mom and dad, my siblings, and my precious nieces and nephews. I missed them all so much. I am thankful that Michael's family was so welcoming and showed me a great Christmas. Thank you, Woodmansees!

P.S- I successfully got them all hooked on Friday Night Lights! YAY! More people have seen the light. If you haven't watched yet, start... now.