Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bridal Shower for our Favorite Bride

Lots of pitures!
The invites!

This is my family this semester... we will miss Stephanie SO BADLY! We're jealous of her blingy bling bling!

Getting together with Danielle seriously always just makes my semester!

My Best friend in cake form and real life form :)

The whole gang, with panties on us and all

I promise she knows Jarom, but here were a lot of questions! Hot, huh?!

Kristin couldn't do a funny face, she's just pretty all the time

The most helpful, selfless roommates ever!

I made a Stephanie Bride cake :)
The bridal shower was a huge success. We had a great time! I was so thankful that Court and Kristin could come and did so much to help and make it all happen! And all of Steph's beauty school friends came, and my roommates, and Danielle, it was just fabulous! I love seeing Steph so happy. I've always been kind of protective of Stephanie, so seeing her so happy is more than desirable! We had it in a really nice, pretty room, and we had pretty decorations with pink tulle, candels, lights, and pictures. Also, we made polka dot cupcakes and wrapped them in tulle for everyone to take home. Lindsey and Anessa and I made them and I absolutely COULD NOT have done it without them. Seriously- talk about good friends coming together to help a sister out. They were so helpful and we had tons of fun doing it, too! Steph got SWEET presents! Her girls were good to her that's for sure, and she looks good in them too ;). It was just a lot of fun! I was so happy that we had a bridal shower here in Rexburg.

I am so thankful that I have had Steph here with me for the past year and a half. In 2 days, she leaves me. The next time I see her will be her wedding. That makes me choke up a little, so we'll stop talking about it and I'll just tell you that the bridal shower was great, and Steph is a fantastic bride!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

President's Day was the greatest day

Well, it's possible that the last couple of weeks has been some of the worst ever. One thing after another. I could blog for pages about everything that has gone wrong. But, let's focus on the positive, shall we? I had a WONDERFUL weekend last weekend! We had a 3 day weekend, so my roommates and I went to Island Park and stayed in a cabin with Lindsey's family. We had a blast!! We went sledding and snowmobiling! I have never done that before and I LOVED IT! I've got to try so many new things this semester. It's fantastic. Linds's family was so good to us! We played, and ate, and napped, and watched movies, and laughed, and just had a blast! It was so fun to be with a family for a while. I love love love and adore these girls so much and was so incredibly grateful for that weekend to relax and not worry about a single thing but having fun :).

Brooke and I flying down the hill! At one point, all 4 of us went down on that tube! It ROCKED! We made it down once successfully, and were dumb to try it again, because the 2nd time we fell and I ended up on the bottom. Talk about head ache and sore neck!Brooke and I had the most rockin' snow boots!!

These girls are my sanity amidst allllllllll the stress. Just don't ever assume you're healthy, or assume you're going to graduate, or assume your computer is invicible. And if something goes wrong, call one of these girls up because they always do the trick for me :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Student Living, Sledding, and Stomach Aches

Student Living is a new program here at school. It is replacing the RA system that we used to have in housing. And I am so blessed to be a student director in this organization. I LOVE IT! It is all about establishing an environment of righteous living within the apartments. I'm so thankful to be a part of it. Brother Dougherty and Sister Jacobson, our advisors, are so wonderful. And the other directors are fantastic! I really enjoy it and we have a lot of fun. We competed in the Spirit Cup Challenge! It's a relay between student-led organizations. Outdoor activities won.... they were totally in their element, dang it! We like to say that if there was a competition on how to have a happy apartment, we would have dominated! Anyway, it was a blast. And we went sledding afterwards and ice skating. I hadn't ice skated in YEARS! It was so fun! And sledding is my new favorite thing!!!! I've gone a couple of times this semester and it's SO SO FUN! I want to go every weekend!

This is some of us directors... but not quite all of us.

My amazingly faithful roomies who came to watch!
This semester is proving to be wonderful! I'm having so much fun. Granted, my schoolwork is suffering... but I figure it's worth it! There have been some minor complications... but it's all good :) I've been having deattthhhhh stomach aches lately, but I feel like they're slowly going away... so let's all keep our fingers crossed!! The Doctor is helping me get this all figured out!
And I just love this one of Steph and I at Big Judds :)