Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reunited by The Rocket

Kelly, Tiffy, and I 4 years ago I believe, when we were roomies. Those were fun, fun times and I love how we are able to STILL have so much fun together. I am so thankful that they live close enough for occasional reunions. And if there is 1 thing that will bring us 3 together, it is THE ROCKET SUMMER! I've blogged before about how fabulously fabulous his music is. We used to listen to him over and over and over again! I think we've seen him 4 times in the past 4 years and his music always reminds me of these good ol' days!Here we are now, waiting in line to see the one and only Bryce Avery aka The Rocket Summer. I'm going to post a lot of pictures, just in case Tiffy and Kelly want to steal them.
If you still haven't listened to The Rocket Summer, I beg of you-- do it now! His music will make you feel so happy, make you tap your foot and sing along. He is excellent. This particular concert was especially cool. He didn't bring his band this time he and played all of the instruments himself. It was awesome. He is insanely talented.

Kelly is pregnant and if you are aou concert goer, you know that it is very close quarters and people get very pushy. We did a pretty great job of keeping a protective circle around her belly haha! And now her new baby will come out singing good music :)
I thought this was awesome. I have so many memories of dancing around, going on crazy road trips, and being too silly with these girls. And now I walk into the room, and they are both changing diapers. It's so cute! And just check out how dang adorable their baby boys are!
Kelly's little guy Keagan.
Tiffy's handsome little Landon.
We had a really fun weekend all together! Not only did we get to go to the show, but we went shopping and ate delicious food. Kelly taught me how to make a pumkin roll, which is super easy but I'm afraid to try new things and she's not, so that worked out great! I loved playing with those adorable boys and it was so fun to spend time with my girls.

Watch this video, if you know The Rocket, it will make you happy :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to the Place I Love the Most

Michael and I have been trying to find a time to get home to Oregon. We were thinking Thanksgiving, but plane tickets were sky high. So we decided we'd just drive. But, then this perfect little situation fell into our laps...

Michael got a fly-out internship interview with Moss Adams, a great accounting firm that has many locations including EUGENE! And that is where he had an interview. We firgured if they were going to pay for Michael's way out, then this would be the cheapest and best time for us to go. So we were ON OUR WAY! They totally spoiled Michael with a fancy hotel, car services, paid meals, the whole deal.

This, of course, all makes me very, very happy. So I went out to spend 4 days with my mom and dad. IT. WAS. FABULOUS! I love every second I get to spend at home. All we have to be doing is chatting or even just sitting together watching Bill O'Riley (only because that's the only thing my dad allows us to watch) and I'm always enjoying myself. The weekend was packed with all kinds of fun! I got to go to my friend Kirk Blair's wedding reception, the singles Halloween party and all kinds of fun stuff. Mostly I just really loved hangin around the house with mom and dad. Playing scrabble and teaching them stretches and exercises for the respective back/neck/hip pain problems.
Jenny Mae needed a ride to the dance so we brought her over and got ready together. It's always such a treat to see my Jenny :). Mom was so quick and clever with our costumes and it was perfect! Dad tried to be a really scary lion, but those whiskers were not helping his cause. We had a great time though!
Mom was so patient and helped me make this super cute Christmasy indoor wreath that I copied off of Kelly's blog. I'll have to post a better picture later but it turned out super fun!

I GOT TO SEE WHITTY!!! Oh how I miss this girl. It's been seriously too long since we've spent time together and it was SO fun. It's amazing how after a year, I can see Whit and we can jump right back into best friend mode and be just like we never left each other. She looks great and now I'm just waiting for her to come visit me!

SUCH a fun time and I wish it didn't have to end. Eugene is so beautiful this time of year and I love all the trees lining good ol' Janus St. Thanks mom and dad for a great visit and I hope it happens again soon!!

P.S- Moss Adams called the very next day.... my Michael got the internship :) :)