Monday, June 30, 2008

Jenni and Steph's CRAZYYYY night

This is just one cop car... imagine being surrounded by 8 of them. Well, steph and I know what that's like...

Last night, Steph and I returned from our wonderful trip to Oregon for Kelly's wedding. I'll post about that ASAP. But, as we were driving from the Boise airport to Rexburg, we encountered the craziest experience I've EVER EXPERIENCED!!! Trust me, you'll want to read this...

We were just passed Pocatello when we saw 2 cop cars RACING so fast over the overpass and on to the freeway. We made comments like "wow, someone is BUUUSSSSTEEEDD". So the cops passed us and we went on with our drive. A couple of minutes later we saw 2 more cop cars do the same thing. We're like "dannnnng, someone is in trouble.". Then, a couple miles up the road, we see 2 more cop cars from the other side of the freeway flip around and join the rest of the crew. Keep in mind its 11:00 pm so the freeway in Idaho has approximately 3 cars on it. So we're like "what is going on?". Then the cop cars block the freeway with their cars and I'm thinking "if there is someone scary up there, I really dont want to be a part of this". But then the cop cars moved and let us pass so we were like, whatever... cool! Then we see MORE COP CARS! By this time there are atleast 10 and we're starting to panic saying things like "what in the H is going on?!?!?!?!?!" So, at this point, on my right- 2 cops are pulling a punk kid over and we're like ok sweet- they caught him, phewww! But where are the rest of the million cops? Then I drive about another half mile and i see the rest of the cops on the left hand side of the road and when I passed them, I felt a weird bumb and said "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?" but in my head I was saying, "we just ran over spikes". And, just as I suspected, about 20 seconds later we started wobbling and I knew I had atleast 1 flat tire. So, I pulled off the the side of the road, beginning to really panic.

I know this has been long already... but trust me... it gets better...

So as I'm pulling over, the car in front of me is pulling over also. They have a flat tire too. All I can think is, "if the cops are trying to catch either me or this guy, I know it's not me, so I'm stuck here with a freaking fugitive!!" So Steph get's out of the car and asks him if he has a flat tire too, and i quickly remind her to get back in the car. We locked the doors and I rolled down my window just a smidge so that I could talk to him. He says in VERY broken english, "no speaky english, i have flat tire, what do I do?" and I told him, "I'm going to call for help". and he says, "will you call for me too". and I say "sure". But, I didn't need to call for help because right at that moment 2 cop cars pull up behind me. I was on the phone with my mom by this time, beginning to cry and so was steph. So the cop comes up and he smiles and says, "WE ARE SO SORRY, BUT WE WERE ON A HIGH SPEED CHASE AND WE THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!". I'm not kidding you guys!!! all of those cop cars on the free way were chasing after ME! and they passed me so that they could put a spike strip in the road to get me!! YIKESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I told the cop I was having a heart attack!! So I got out and he began to put my spare on and inform me that they did catch the bad guy. He also said, " just so you know, the guy that was in charge of all of this is very embarrassed" In the process of the police officer putting my spare on, 5 more cop cars showed up. They all did the same thing, got out of their car and mocked the officer who did it. They said things like "haha, you got the wrong girl." or "you didn't even put the strip out right, because you only got one of her tires not all 4". I felt bad for the guy, they were really giving him a hard time! But seriously- that's quite a mistake! So, they get my stinkin' donut tire on and I proceed to drive the rest of the way to Rexburg going 50 MPH with my hazard lights on. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! Semi trucks were FLYING passed me! we got home at 1:45 am and I felt like I was dreaming!

So today I went into les schwabb and they patched up my tire for free. they loved my story too! If there are any problems with it or if I need a new tire, the cop gave me his card and he's gonna pay for it.

HOLY SMOKES! how's that for a trip home?! I was chased and spiked by the police!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deseret Industries... Great for shopping, Horrible for working

I work at Deseret Industries, better known as the D.I. For many of us, all we know about the D.I is that every couple of months growing up, Ned Christensen would sit in a truck with a beanie on outside of the Stake Center that said 'Deseret Industries' on the side and our moms would make us go drop stuff off in it. I always thought that was weird... but now I get it. Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is- I hate my job. Remember last semester when I would always post about how much I LOVED my SRC job? Well ohhhhh how I miss those days and I can't wait for them to start up again in September.

I work in the section called "Large As Is". What that means in normal person words is that I sort through people's crap that is big. Like furniture, animal cages, bikes, crap like that. I clean it, price it, and then give it to Steph to go put on the sales floor. It is not rare that things are covered in animal hair, poop, or piss. I don't know if there is anything that infuriates me more. Ok maybe there is. How about when people bring things that are CLEARLY BROKEN and nobody would buy... like broken mirrors or broken car seats... SERIOUSLY??? I have to wear crap clothes every day and yes, steel toed boots along with my giant gloves. I work with 99% "special" people who things it's cool to talk all up in my face and to never bathe themselves. My supervisors assume that I am at the intelligence of those "special" people and treat me like one. "Great job, Jenni (said in the kind of voice i use when talking to a baby)... let's see if you can price something right twice in a row!!" OH PALEAAAAASSEEEEEE. I have no desire to please them because I'll never get a raise and if they get mad at me, I could care less because I'm quitting in 4 weeks and would LOVE to get fired. Today, the motivation they gave me was... "if you stay on task all day, I'll let you clean the floors before we close". GOODY! Oh, and it rocks on days like today when it's JUNE 11th AND IT'S SNOWING and people say... can you get this couch out of my truck for me... DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO CAN UNLOAD A COUCH IN THE SNOW BY MYSELF?!?!?!?!?! okay, i realize that i'm just venting like crazy and it's getting a little out of hand so I'll stop.

I just keep telling myself that we all have to do our time doing things we don't love. And then I kick myself over and over for not just going home this summer like my mom said I should. But then I realize that I have Steph and she keeps my sane and I wouldnt want her to be alone here. And believe it or not, we have made a few friends at the good ol' D.I from the select 1% that can hold a conversation. when i first blogged about D.I. I believe I said that it was "not glamorous". I would like to change that to SUCKY, BORING, DIRTY, and NOT FOR ME!! I'm certain that this job has a lot to do with the weird bad moods I've been in lately and i hate it.

pheww, that feels better. don't worry guys. only one more month and i'll be in oregon for one week of it. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!