Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I hate when a fun week ends. But fun it was!

What a Happy Thanksgiving INDEED! Michael and I were lucky enough to go down toVegas for the 3rd Thanksgiving this year. We are so thankful to them for always welcoming us. And BONUS-- Mom & Dad met us there this year! It was so fun! It was so wonderful to spend a week with family and eat and laugh and just enjoy. I have tons of pictures to share, but first I want to share what I am thankful for and what I loved about our fun week!

I'm Thankful For:
  • My husband. He is so kind. I've honestly never met such a kind, giving person.
  • Our baby girl. I'm so thankful that she moves all day, everyday to keep me company.
  • My family. They bring be SO much happiness!
  • My friends. Since a was a child I've been blessed with the best friends. You all know who you are and I love you to pieces.
  • The Rogers opening their home to us for the week and entertaining us.
  • The Graham's for opening their home to us and feeding us delicious food.
  • My apartment, my car, my job, Michael's schooling & job.
  • We are tremendously blessed and I could go on forever.
Our Week:
  • I must say, my favorite thing was probably Carly's LOVE for Michael. Every couple of minutes I would hear "Where Michael?". They were the best of buddies and it was so adorable!
  • I am SOOOO thankful that my sister is pregnant at the same time as me. It feels so good to have someone with my similar personality who understands me so well! We did baby crafts and bought baby clothes and felt our babies move and did a lot of talking about babies and it was awesome!
  • My parents rock. My mom even black fridayed with us at midnight! They spoiled us pregnant girls! And there is really never a dull moment with them. We just have so much fun together!
  • Emily & Steve took us to the cactus gardens all lit up with Christmas lights and I just LOVE that festiveness!
  • It was WARM! SO WARM! We were out on black friday and I was not cold. What a blessing before the terrible Utah winter hits.
  • Easton was upset because he wanted to play The Incredibles, but he doesn't have their action figures. SO, we used our imaginations and made our own action figures out of cardboard. It was so fun and so cute! We played with them all day and I'm afraid that now Em & Steve are stuck making lots of guys out of cardboard. I love that boy so much and seeing him at Kindergarden brought tears to my eyes.
  • Carly is the most beautiful 2 year old ON. THE. PLANET. I can't count how many times I said it. I love her so much. Her voice and her thoughts and her ideas are so precious.
  • I could go on forever. I'm sad it's over and we had so much fun!! Thanks, Rogers!!


Monday, November 21, 2011

The Culpepper Girls

Shellie spoils us! Michael and I have been seriously DYING to meet our new niece Macie Rae Culpepper, baby girl of Michael's sister Shellie and her husband Judd. But they live all the way in Texas and we have been so sad to think that it could be a year before we got to meet her! BUT, her wonderful mommy took pity on us and came to visit us here in Utah! We LOVE when Shellie comes to visit and she is so nice to do so every year. This time was extra fun because she brought this precious beauty.
I was so nervous that she would be nervous about us new people and only want to be with her mom. WRONG! This little girl takes after her mamma, she is friendly! She snuggled me for 4 days straight. Sorry Shellie, that I stole your child all weekend :) She is just so beautiful. She is itty bitty! She is 3.5 months and almost 11 lbs. The size I was when I came OUT! hahaha! So it's really adorable to see such a tiny baby smiling and laughing and responding so well.
This is her awesomest trick. She refuses to lay flat. It's like she cannot relax. If you lay her down. She will be in exercise position, with her head, neck, and legs up. It's HILARIOUS! Even if you try to push her down to relax, she resists! So cute!
We also had lots of fun with this little princess's mommy. Shellie and I went to see Breaking Dawn, we went to a Christmas tree lighting and festival up in SLC, we ate delicious food, played games, and stayed up late chatting. It was so wonderful to have her. We truly feel so blessed to have her in our lives.
Thank you Shellie and Macie for coming to visit us! We miss you guys so much already. What a fun weekend!

Before the festivities began, I took a pregnant picture. This was last Thursday, and I feel like I've doubled in size since then... ok maybe not doubled. But I truly think I get bigger every day. So in this picture I'm 24.5 weeks. Baby girl is trying to BUST ON OUT I'm pretty sure because her movements are huge and non stop. We LOVE watching my tummy move! I realize that she has to grow, but now that she finally is, this whole weight gain thing is interesting and causing mixed emotions.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!