Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Sweet Girl's Quilt

I finished my baby girl's quilt! Thanks to my mamma, I have a new interest in sewing and quilting. Just baby quilting for the moment, because I do not know how ANYONE has the patience to make a bigger one. I sewed the top and did the applique, then took it to Oregon over Christmas and Mom helped me quilt it. Ok, let's be honest, she did most of the quilting. Here it is:
I am a TOTAL amateur so there are definitely imperfections, but I'm really happy with it. It looks so beautiful and bright in her room on her crib. I cannot wait to snuggle her in it and see her playing and rolling around on it. We don't have a lot of space in her room, but the space that we do have is decorated with these same fabrics and other cute stuff. It's starting to feel like a baby belongs in there :).
That's just an up close look at the applique flowers. Those provided many frustrated calls to my mother, but I got better and better as I went. It will be a while before I applique anything again. Anyway, I just wanted to share! Baby girl moves ALL. DAY. And I mean all day. I think she is running out of room or something, because I feel her at all times. And I love it. I am starting to be sad that pregnancy is ending. Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait to have her in my arms, but pregnancy has been wonderful for me and I will miss that.

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Wish Vacation Never Had to End

Is it really over? Christmas was wonderful, WONDERFUL! Michael and I took a nice, long vacation home to Oregon and had such a fabulous time. We absolutely love spending time with Mom and Dad, and not just because they spoil us, but because they're so dang fun and hilarious! Not to mention the mega bonus of seeing Darren & Fam, Marc & Fam, Brad & Kristy, Cierra & Fam, the Mitchells, Whitney, Aliya, and all our friends in the ward from over the summer. It was just so much fun! Every moment! We played games, watched movies, ate and ate and ate delicious food, chatted, visited, baked, shopped, etc, etc!

Some of my favorite hi-lights:
- Surprise Baby Shower! My mom was as thoughtful as she always is and gathered all my favorite ladies for a surprise baby shower. It was so special!
- Playing with my nieces and nephews. I adore those children so much.
- Finishing my baby girl's quilt with the help of my mom.
- Watching the Duck's win the Rose bowl.
- Opening presents and baby girl being spoiled!
- Playing games with Dad as the constant comedic relief :)
- Hanging out at home with family and friends around me.

Here is the evidence of our awesome trip!
30 weeks after Christmas. I'm 31 now and bigger already! But this is the most recent picture.
Cameron grew up so much since this summer! He is such a fun, smiley baby! So adorable.
Great Grandpa with baby Harlan. Thank you Cierra & Michael for coming to see us!
Whitney was missed at the shower, we had such a wonderful time and everyone was so good to baby girl and I!

I'm sad to see this great time of year go by once again, but next up... 8 weeks until baby!