Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time for a deep breath...

WHOA- It's saturday and I can finally breathe. Talk about mixed emotions... I feel sorry for the people that put up with me right now! I'll break it down for you as best I can. I get up at 6:00 am, go to class until 12:30 or later, then work from 2-7ish then go to my tutor until 8ish, then go home and study until my eyes just will not stay open anymore. So that part of my life is... different. I don't want to say that I don't like it, because I do enjoy being busy and feeling accomplished at the end of the day, it's just exahsting. When my head hits the pillow I am OUT LIKE A LIGHT! Also, I am very blessed to LOVE my job. Man I got lucky. The people I work with are wonderful and my boss is a great guy and I've got to meet so many people I wouldn't have otherwise. So, I never dred work, it's great. When I get to work, I change into my skirt ( i have to dress up at work) and look in the mirror and I just look so haggard, and I think, well atleast I don't have to worry about boy drama this semester because I look like I'm strung out and no boys will come near me.... so I guess I can see that it a positive way. BUT- I am taking chemistry 105 and it will be the death of me. I've never failed a class, and I can tell you right now that I'm about to break that trend. You have to get a C to pass and it's RIDICULOUSLY HARD! everyone I've talked to says "oh yeah, hardest class you'll ever take in your undergrad" or "oh i took that twice". sheeesh. That class causes me to be on the verge of tears all day every day, and then I break out in tears at the worst times... in the tutoring center, at work... yikes. Nothing makes me feel worse about myself then when I don't succeed at school, because it's usually something I'm good at. I've decided to make the weekends about ME and MY FRIENDS! I don't get to spend any time with my roommates during the week or steph, i miss steph so much and she's just accross campus. So, I work hard all week, and the weekend is our time :) Tonight = dinner, hair dying, and high shcool musical!

BUT- let me tell you just how Heavenly Father has blessed me this semester and what is saving me. My roommates. I get to come home every night after being stressed and tired and see people who are wonderful. They are nice to me, always! patient, FUNNY... so funny! we have a great time and it's just what I need right now to not lose it every day. I've lived with Brooke before and Lindsey is new to me and we just click. We went to Utah last weekend for the 3 day weekend and had SOOOO MUCH FUN! the only thing missing was stephers... we went to EAST HIGH where High School Musical was filmed!! I danced on the same ground as troy bolton... ahhhhh! I was really excited, like a child on christmas! My roomies probably thought I was ridiculous but it was SO RAD! Anyway, I've lived in places where I never want to go home to what's waiting for me, and this semester I've been so lucky to love coming home to my beautiful roomies.

Change is good. That's what I've decided. Every semester is turning out to be more and more different than the last, and I think that's the way I like it, even though adjusting is super hard.

Brooke, Lindsey and I at East High! We're all in this together :)

Wildcats everywhere, wave your hands up in the air!

After Churchy

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Everest!

I ate a Big Judd. Thank you, thank you :) Ever since I came to Rexburg, it has been a goal of mine to finish one before I leave, and tonight was the night. For those who have never lived in the wonderful Rexburg, Big Judd's is a little hamburger joint up the road in Archer, I believe it's called. It's a great fun place. Good people, good food, fun times. Anyway. They are home of the famous Big Judd, one pound, gigantor hamburger! If you eat the whole thing, you get your picture put on the famous Big Judd's wall of fame. I am proud to say that I am now on that wall!! It was no easy task I must admit. But I've been preparing myself and I just have such a feeling of accomplishment. I have conquerd the Judd. It's like the ultimate bragging right. I'm not gonna lie, it was not as easy as I thought it'd be. By the time I was half way done, I was fighting my gag reflexes with every bite. And it wasn't really because I was full, it was because i was SO sick of the taste of BEEF! I'm not a big meat eater, and when I do- I prefer Chicken so I got sick of that giant beef patty REAL FAST! Chewing took force and a lot of time to keep it down. Just after eating a hamburger for like a half hour, you get SO sick of the taste, literally SICK. but after I finished it I felt great :) full of course, but no worse than thanksgiving. anyway, here is the proof!

That's me and stephers and the wonderful Kate. and please notice the creepy man in the back haha!

The 3 Big Judd eaters waiting in anticipation!

The arrival... look how HUGE THEY ARE!

Focus was the key!

Mid meal, Kate and Brannan are kicking my butt!

At this point, it was just painfulWE DID IT!!! Such pride, we all 3 finished and got our pictures on the wall!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Twilight... even the word makes me smile and light up inside!

oh my goodness. are there words to describe to you how i feel about these books? i think not. i know that you've all been trying to get me to read them forever and i jumped at the chance on my break from school and i'm now in the middle of Eclipse. I seriously had to take a break from my past 2 hours of reading because i wanted to blog about it so bad. i love it. so much. my feelings have been a roller coaster, i feel like i'm in the book. i feel like i'm bella. i feel like i can relate to her. not that i'm in love with a vampire or have ever been that severely depressed, i don't know what it is. i just FEEL IT! My opinions vary. i love bella. i've heard that she bothers some of you, but she's 17 for pitty sakes. She loves Edward with her whole heart and it tore her to pieces when he left... that i can understand. Even still, she does make some poor choices, but don't we all? Edward, ohhhh where to start. I'm in love. How does he always have the most perfect words. Its clear that he's not human, because no human is that perfect... ahhh, I'll stop there just to spare you all from the torture of listening to how i feel about the wonderfully perfect Edward. I just think what i love the most is how much he loves Bella. I just love that. Jacob- i also love jacob. There was a while here where I would have been totally ok with her staying with jacob, but the i came to my senses. she belongs with Edward if you ask me. But it TEARS ME UP inside to see her and Jacob's relationship go up and down. He's great, warewolf or not. Now remember, I'm not done with Eclipse yet, so don't tell me anything, and that may or may not change my feelings... we'll see. Basically- these books are wonderful and I think Stephanie Meyer is a genius and a fabulous writer and THANK YOU all of you for introducing me to them. I'll let you know how I feel at the end of Eclipse :)
I'd LOVE to hear what you all think.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Time to face the facts, Christmas is over

Well, my sis just left and and it's January 3rd. I suppose the holidays are really over. Well, I can learn to get used to that, but it's been SO FUN! Fortunately, I still have a couple of days at home to hang with my parents and play some more scrabble, which is always fun! I was SO lucky to be able to see Darren, Jill, Joseph, Justin, Marc, Connie, Caleb, Kellen, Emily, and Easton, (Steve was totally missed). I for one had a blast with the 5 boys under 4... the luxery of not being the mom of one of them :) i get to just enjoy them all!Spending time with my parents has been so wonderful. Some of you may be saying "oh please, jenni", but seriously... I spent a lot of time at home alone with my parents before I moved out, so I do miss them when I'm away and I love to spend time with them! Danielle I know you've got my back on that! Us youngest understand. haha. I've loved looking at everyone else's christmas pictures so much that I figured I should put some up.

Sorry there's a million of them... I just had a really great time! My super crafty sis helped my mom and I make some sweet stuff that I'll put up later, it wsa so fun! Thank you to my wonderful family and great friends for making this a grand holiday season!!