Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your Friendly Neighborhood Walmart Associate

Yep, you guessed it. Out of all of the weird, odd jobs I've had... this one might take the cake as the silliest. I work at the Wal-Mart supercenter in Idaho Falls as a cashier. Because this isn't my first rodeo cashiering, I obviously basically own the joint by now. haha, just kidding, but I really did catch on pretty quick. Anyway, I know it doesn't sound very glamorous... and that's because it isn't. At first, I was pretty much bummed to tears about working there, but now- believe it or not... it's not so bad. It's similar to working at Grocery Outlet, but obviously not even NEARLY as cool and the people don't even come close to comparing. But, the thing that is similar is that I just get to talk to people all day long, learning about their lives and trying to make their days and it can be somewhat enjoyable! I don't mind working. Obviously, there are greater jobs out there. But it's not so bad. The thing is, from the second I get there I miss Michael SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad and I just want to get out of that joint and go see him! And I know I have a lifetime of being away from him for work coming up, so I guess I better get used to it.

Here is one of the downsides to Wally World. Well, people that work there, think that Wal-Mart is the WORLD. They think that the world revolves aroun Wal-Mart and they take it SO seriously. Really, sometimes I just want to laugh in their face and say... did you really just get all fired up, sweaty, and red in the face about there being a hanger in the cardboard box rather than the big trash can? Wow- yeah, you're right, that is a big deal. It takes a lot of energy to pick it up and put it in the right place.

Then, on the other hand. There is the customer who throws a FIT if you forget to scan their "20 cents off" coupon. REALLY LADY? I'll give you 20 cents out of my own wallet out of the kindness of my heart if you'll just go, go, go. BUT, let me assure you that 90% of the customers are wonderful! I have a great time talking with them all day and it's really enjoyable actually. laugh all you want, but honestly, I think that the cashiers are become more friendly with one another since I've been there. haha-come on in... I'll prove it! Don't worry, I'm sure that more stories will come. And also, don't worry- I plan to discontinue my work at Wal-Mart permanently in 2 months from now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Love, Engaged, and SO HAPPY!

Michael Woodmansee and I are engaged!!! And we could NOT be happier! It is the best feeling in the entire world :) He proposed last night. He COMPLETELY suprised me! I mean, I knew we'd get married- but I had absolutely NO idea that he was proposing last night. So... let me tell you how it happened....
I was in Idaho Falls working, and Michael was in Idaho Falls spending the day with our friend Shaun. So, the plan was to go ring shopping after work, and I was realllllly excited! But, then Danielle and Clay invited us to dinner after work and I was even more excited about that because I wanted to see Danielle so bad! So, I called Michael to tell him that we were going to dinner and could go ring shopping some other time. But, he wasn't really down with that. He was like, "tonight's a busy night, we need to go look at rings, let's have dinner with Danielle and Clay tomorrow". I felt super bad, and honestly thought it was kind of rude haha! So, I called Danielle and regretfully rescheduled.
After work I met up with Michael and we went to look at rings. YAY! I tried on lots, wide bands, skinny bands, solitares, ones covered in all kinds of business, and I just kept coming back to a thin band solitare where the diamond just pops off of the band. I think I told Michael about a zillion times that I loved that ring and I wanted it. I wanted him to get the picture! haha! So then, he says let's go eat by the river and the waterfalls. I was a TOTAL brat. I'm all, "Michael, it's cold, it's rainy, the benches will be wet, I'm tired, BLAH BLAH BLAH". But then I thought, "Jenni, pick your battles, just let him go to the river for a while". hahaha! So, once we got there, I was freezing, so he gave me his jacket. BUT, it stopped raining so I was in a better mood. And plus, the waterfalls with the temple in the background were SO beautiful so I was instantly happy! We walked down to this particular waterfall where he took me once before his mission and I was SO happy to be with him!!! We were just talking and being all cute and he told me that he loved me of course, and this is what he said...

"Jenni, 2 years ago today was when I entered the MTC to begin taht adventure without you. Now, I want you to be apart of every adventure with me. Now, is when you reach into your pocket." At that point, my eyes got HUGE and my heart started racing!!! Then, he got on one knee and said, "will you marry me?". AND I SAID YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! I might have said it even more times than that!! And he brought his camera... good boy!
It was wonderful in every way!!! He TOTALLY shocked me! The whole ring shopping thing was a total trick, he has had the ring for a while now and it's AMAAAAZZZZZINGGG!!! It's exactly what i wanted, only BIGGER AND BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just take a gander for yourself!

The reaction from my roommates was 100% PRICELESS! They were so great. We screamed and hugged for a good little while. hahahaha!!!!
Michael and I met 3 and a half years ago. I loved him then and I love him even more now :)

The one up top is from before he left, and the one below is NOW! I love Michael Woodmansee and I cannot wait TO MARRY HIM! And I must say, I TOLD YOU ALL I WAS GOING TO MARRY HIM!