Monday, May 24, 2010


There is this place called Jump On It here around Provo and we've been wanting to check it out for a while. So, finally, Steph, Jarom, Jarom's sister JoAnna, her fiance Cody, Michael and I went to jump around! So basically this place is like 16 trampolines all smashed together, with trampoline-like walls for you to just play on. When we first walked in, it was packed full of sweaty, stinky kids. But, we found a sweet spot in the back where us big kids could play. We had so much fun! If you've met Michael, you know that he does not hold back when it comes to playing hahaha! He is TRULY a child at heart. Jarom was a machine as well. Those boys were the sweaty, stinky ones by the time we were done!

Please excuse the large amount of pictures, they were just too fun not to share :)
We bounced, and bounced, and bounced, and BOUNCED! Michael was on a roll while the rest of us were getting tired... until the fall. Watch the sequence of events:Uh-Ohhhhh. He went down pretty hard on his toe. It is now quite huge and multiple shades of purple and blue. I think it's good and broken. Poor baby :( I feel really bad for him! But he is back at work today, trying hard to get over it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Happy Days

Lots of fun again this weekend! It all started with a grocery shopping trip on Saturday morning. We were making our way to the grocery store when we saw a garage sale. We don't usually stop at these, but Michael is in the market for a bike, so we thought we'd take a glance. We stumbled across a true treasure! We have been using a card table and it works wonderfully! Sure, it's a little ghetto, but we don't care! So, we haven't been really looking for a dining table, because we don't necessarily NEED one right now. BUT- there was this beauty with all 6 chairs for $100 and we TOOK IT!There were 3 people wanting it, so Michael pulled out his money and handed it to the guy before anyone else had the chance to. And we got it! It's so fabulous to have a table where we can fit our plates AND the food! We plan on re-painting the top black, and I'm going to re-cover the chairs. But for now, we're so happy with it! And for such a steal. It's our first little project and we're really excited to work on it together.

The day just gets better from there. Long story short, our dear friend Loni, who I've mentioned before, is now dating Michaels childhood friend Corbin. Who is also Lauren's childhood friend. They all grew up in the same ward. Soooo basically, Lauren, Loni and I were college roommates, and are now going to be friends forever because our spouses are from the same HOME WARD! Is this FABULOUS OR WHAT?! Sure, this is assuming loni marries corbin... but we can dream. So we all got together for a fabulous night of fun, food, and catching up!This brings me so much happiness. I remember when we all lived together, and we had to say goodbye for the summer, we all cried and cried for fear that we'd never be as close again. Well no need to fear! Looks like we're going to be seeing alot of each other throughout our lives and we couldn't be happier!Loni stayed the night and corbin came over in the morning to help us break in our table for breakfast, look at how everything fits on there! YAHOO!!! We seriously love visitors and mingling with friends, so please, feel free to stop by any time if you don't mind tiny apartments :)

We're still having a lot of fun and have a lot to look forward to!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a weekend!

I am truly blessed to have been raised by such a loving woman. Sometimes, I don't know how she put up with me and all of us, but she did and still does. She is everything I want to be in a wife, woman, and mother. I love you, mom :) Wish I was with you today!

Yesterday was jam-packed for us and we enjoyed every minute of it. We started off bright and early to get up and get ready for our 5k run. We had such a great time! When we got there, and saw all the legit runners and cross country teams, we were a little scared! And I think Michael started to get a little nervous about his goal of winning. But once we got jogging it didn't matter, it was fun. I'm sorry to inform you that Michael did not win first place. I think first place was something ridiculous like 16 minutes. There were over 200 participants and Michael came in 14th with a time of 21 minutes! Not bad, huh?! I, on the other hand... took 33 minutes. :) But I'm satisfied with that. I was well in the top half of runners haha. I'm slow, always have been, always will be. It's ok though, because I still had energy left at the end and could have kept going, we'll definately do another, possibly a 10k next! Who wants to join us??? Steph and Jarom are the best! They were there at the finish line waiting for us to cheer us on. It was fun! Afterwards we all stayed and listened to the live music, had some free breakfast, and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Michael has decided that his entry fee was totally worth it, we got free jambas and a t-shirt which he sported around town all day.We had so much energy from the fun of being involved in an experience like that. It was great! It carried us all day. And we needed it because yesterday was Brooke's 24th birthday! Wahoo! I will let the pictures do the explaining. Good food, games, and getting a little too silly once it started getting late.

Cafe Rio Birthday Dinner... great choice, Brooke!Apparantly the candles were too hot for Brooke. And to end the night, a tribute to the one... the only... Beyonce. Only watch this if you can tolerate some serious silly and pink panties.I think it's easy to see why I have so much fun with these girls. Ohhhh our patient husbands hahaha

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farr's Fresh Frozen Yogurt

Michael and I have a small obsession. We were first introduced to Farr's by my wonderful friend and co-worker, Loriol. It is right across the street from my work which is not far from our apartment. This place is magical. Not only do they have frozen yogurt, but soft serve ice cream, and custard. And on top of that, every single topping you could ever imagine in the entire world. I'm serious! I know there are a million frozen yogurt places these days, but Michael and I have tried a lot of them, and Farr's is without a doubt far above the rest. It is so creamy, rather than those other places that are more icy, ya know? My personal favorites are the coconut yogurt and chocolate custard. mmmmmm! But, it's becoming a small problem. Why? Because we go once a week, without fail. It's typically on Friday, but if we know we have something coming up, we go earlier in the week. It's an addiction. Come visit, we will take you and you will thank us forever. If you currently live in Provo/Orem, hurry hurry hurry to Farrs!

In other news, Michael and I are running a 5K saturday morning. We're excited! I'm excited just because it's fun, Michael is excited because he loves competition and he is DETERMINED to win. We go jogging most everyday and he leaves me in the dust while he tries to make a better time. Hahaha, it's quite funny, but I do love his deteremination. Also, he didn't even want to run it until I told him he'd get a T-Shirt, and then he was totally game. :)haha!

Life is wonderful as usual. Not much has changed, and that's a good thing. Just thought I'd jot down a few recent details of our little life here in Provo. ohhh that word... Provo. It just makes me think about my itchy legs and this torture-my-skin-hardest-of-hard water. I'm terrified for summer because my legs still look like I have chicken pox. But other than that, Provo isn't such a bad place :) We've sure been blessed here.

Sorry about the random thoughts and no pictures. It just felt like time for an update.

Happy Cinco De Mayo and most importantly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS!! 34 years, HOLY SMOKES! It seems almost impossible, but my parents sure make it look like fun! I admire them and their marriage more than I can express.