Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to the world Landon Daniel Hilton!!

My dear, dear friends Collin and Tiffany Hilton had their baby today! Ok let's face it... Tiffany had the baby today, but Collin and Tiffany are now parents!!
Isn't he the just so precious!! I love him so much already, I can't even imagine how much Tiffy and Collin love him!! He is just so absolutely flawless and perfect and I am just so grateful that I am here in Provo to be with him! Holding him is just such a cool experience. He was only 3 hours old and I was holding this precious gift from Heavenly Father. He's such a blessing.
There couldn't be 2 people better fit to be parents than Collin and Tiffany Hilton. They honestly and truly have hearts of gold. I love them so much and Landon is one LUCKY little boy :) Doesn't she look way too good for having just delivered a baby?!!!!

Tiffany and I met our first semester of college where we were blessed to be roommates. She has become one of my VERY closest friends over the years and I am absolutely ELATED to be here with her during this special time!!!!As I have mentioned before, Tiffy, Brooke, Lauren, and I were all roommates. What a special experience to all be together for the birth of Tiffy and Collin's baby. Those who couldn't be there are missed for sure! I went to the hospital the SECOND I got off of work today and can't wait to get back to the hospital tomorrow to hold that cute, cute baby and see how he changes everyday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From Bad to Worse

I was going crazy. Itching all of the time. My legs, face, neck, chest, sometimes arms. I have tried EVERYTHING... got new laundry soap and washed everything, went back to soy milk, stopped exercising, called my dermotologist, Michael gave me a blessing, and took benedryl up the wazoo. Finally, I took the advice of my wise mother (once again... ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER), and I saw a doctor. I told her about my hives. She looked at my legs and goes... "ohhhh, umm, that is too big for a cream, uhh it looks like folliculitis." And that it is. An infection, STAPH INFECTION UHHHH, in my hair follicles causing them to itch TERRIBLY! So, naturally, I scratch them, which causes hives. Joy.
Can you see the little red bumps everywhere? They look harmless, but ITCH LIKE THE DICKENS!!!!

All over my body. Freakin sick!So... ta daaaaa... more drugs than anybody should ever take. 1 zyrtec a day, benedryl cream on real bad outbreak spots, 3 antibiotics a day, and a nice oatmeal bath tonight. PLEASE cross your fingers that this goes away! The doc said to give it a week. If there is no change, I will be seeing an Allergist.Poor Michael. I'm pretty sure all I ever say is "I'm Itchy". He says... "Hello Itchy". hahahaha, he has been SO good to me through all of it. Bless his heart! He tries to keep me from scratching by distracting me. He's so kind :) Anyway, that's the update! I'll let ya know how this current treatment goes!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, I need some help! I'm slowly still working on decorating. I move things around a lot and am still deciding what I like. Well, today I brought out the only fall decorations I have just to play around a little bit and I unfortunately don't have the gift of decorating. SO- I would like some help, please! Are the following cute, or not so cute? Tell me the truth, people! I am up for suggestions and change. Thank you!

On to the next dilemma. All growing up I have had VERY sensitive skin. I have to use the most gentle soaps and lotions because my skin breaks out in hives very easily. It's been a while since I've had a problem, but recently, it has come back!! I'm slowly making different changes in my laudry detergent, diet, etc. to determine what it is. But check out the damage. The picture isn't that great, but if you've ever seen my hives before, then you'll see how it's really bad like it used to be! ALLLLL over my legs!
I'll post pictures of my whole apartment soon! But I just wanted to share my favorite part. My cute bed :). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt that my mom made. It's perfect! It makes me smile every time I walk in my room!

Anyway, I'm pumped for the weekend! I hope you all have a great one! And happy 3rd Birthday to our Easton :) :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Newlywed Life in Provo

Well, we live in Provo now. Weird? Yes! I must say, I miss Rexburg terribly. We both do. We love Rexburg so much. It's actually probably a good thing we left when we did, otherwise I would have been tempted to permanently locate there. So, Provo is no Rexburg, but it's cool! We're having fun here and we're surrounded by wonderful people, so we're enjoying ourselves! This is our life recently:
Who knew the Provo temple was so pretty! I had actually never been there, but the landscaping blew me away. It was beautiful! Michael and I were all dressed up to go to the temple, and then I realized that my temple recommend was at home with mama. So, we went anyway and took some pictures. Mom sent me the recommend and we were able to go to the temple a couple of days later with Tiffany. What a huge blessing it was to have her with me and share that together since she couldn't be there for the wedding :)
We have FHE every Sunday night and Michael gets out our Build-a-Bears and gives them his chinese scriptures. hahahahah!! It was really cute, he is so good about organizing FHE!
We do puzzles while we watch the BYU game. You may be thinking that this looks like an interesting puzzle choice, well, it was a gift from my dear friend Jenny May Leaderich thank you very much, and we had a great time putting it together :) The truth is, I gave up and Michael did most of the hard work! hehe!
BYU game #2, My turn to choose the puzzle :) HSM Baby!A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE blessing of living in Provo. Some of my BEST girlfriends in the world are here with me! These girls were all my roommates at BYUI and we love each other SO MUCH! Whenever I am bored, they come to the rescue! Tiffany, Brooke, me and Lauren. It really feels SO good to be reunited again!
C-man turned 25!! Woop woo!! Michael and I absolutely LOVE getting together with Tiffany and Collin. We are always so happy when we're with them! They have been our great friends for years now and we could NOT be happier to live just minutes from them!
Another game night at Tiffy and Collins :) We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Hilton! Isn't she the most adorable pregnant girl?!
And there's my man putting up my curtain rod! He has turned out to be very handy and he is willing to take under and project so far! It's really cute! And it's fun learning things together! Basically, we're having a great time and enjoy every minute together :)
p.s- I GOT THE JOB! I am an exercise specialist at Utah Physiatry and I start next week. wa hoo!!!!!!!!!! We are so so so blessed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Weekend in Texas

We had an open house in Michael's hometown, Carrollton, TX. It was wonderful! I was so busy having fun that I didn't take a single picture! BOO! Luckily, Lauren and Bill did so the ones I have to share are stolen from them. But, the rest I will have to steal from my mom eventually. The weekend started off with QUITE a fright when our luggage was accidentaly taken by another passenger on the plane. If you're going to steal a suitcase, steal a newlyweds suitcase, because they have good gifts in there!! I was SO sad :(. BUT, we were blessed after a lot of prayers in just a couple of hours and the man called us and returned the suitcase. PHEWPH!

Our first night there we went out to dinner with the Jolley and Woodmansee parents. It was so wonderful! I cannot even begin to explain to you how thankful I was to have my parents there with me and how wonderful and kind the Woodmansees were to us and my parents. It was such a great weekend. Outside of the open house, we fit a lot of fun things into 1 weekend!

-Michael finally reported his mission to the high council (not many people do that when they're already married, it was funny :) It was also a very wonderful experience, and I cried.
-Michael took mom, dad, and I downtown Dallas to see where JKF was shot, the Holocaust Museum, and the cool Mustangs
-Mom and I got our nails done :)
-The Woodmansees had us over for dinner and wonderful company! We had a great time chatting and laughing all night

And then of course, the real reason we went to Texas in the first place... the open house!! Michael, Cheri, and Shellie did a fantastic job of organizing this wonderful occasion! They really are incredibly good to us and we love them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Many people who were close to Michael growing up were there and I was so happy to meet them. We had a DELICIOUS cake that I could not get enough of! There was delicious food, great company, and I was thrilled to be able to wear my gorgeous dress again. I miss it already. It really was a wonderful weekend. It was great to spend some time with the Woodmansees before we went back to Utah and everyone knows that Mom and Dad add extra fun to everything. It was a huge blessing to me to have them there.
Cutting into our yummy Cake :)
Ruby Slippers :) I want to put my dress on right now.
So happy to be Married!
Matchmaker, Ms. Lauren Rasmussen. You get special blessings in heaven for introducing us!
Lauren is one of my greatest friends and I was so happy she could be there. She was a bridesmaid too, as you can tell by her dress.
Michael's good friend, and Lauren's brother, Tanner Rasmussen.
I find this picture so comical! Michael being all studly.
And I was pretty pooped from all the fun by the end of the night.
I wish that I would have taken pictures so I could post some of Mom, Dad, Cheri, Richard, Shellie, Judd, Bill, Amber and all of the other great people there! But I'll get my hands on those pictures later. THANK YOU everyone for all the help and fun in Texas :)
P.S- I had my second interview today for an Exercise Specialist position that I really want. Cross your fingers for me!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Honeymoon on the beach!

Michael and I went on our Honeymoon to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. It was so wonderful! Connie was so great and found us a beach house and it was totally perfect for us! Perfect size, close to the beach, view of the beach from the porch, and cute! We got to stay for 4 days and 4 nights and we were bummed to go back to real life after feeling totally carefree! We drove up and down the coast and saw a lot of beauty, because you can't avoid it on the Oregon coast!I wanted to share some pictures! There are lots!This is in front of our quaint little joint after we bought some groceries for the week :)
Showing off our sweent new PJs from mom!
THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in that AWESOME basket that was left in our car! We got to our beach house on Sunday and had no food, so we had the treats in the basked for dinner :) There's Michael with our dinner!
Some of you have seen Michael around the ocean. But, for those of you who haven't. HE'S INSANE! He knows how cold it is, yet he just darts for the water and swims like a fish! CRAZY!
Delicious salt water taffy! We're still finishing it off. The cashier lady totally called us out and knew we were newleyweds haha! She was a cute old lady!
We went to Tillamook and it was such a blast! We had the delicious ice cream and sqeaky cheese!
Michael build us this wonderful fire, while we had treats and watched this beautiful sunset:
We had SO much fun just playing around on the beach and we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather! I've never seen such beautiful weather on the beach! It was a fantastic week :)
I love Michael :) :) :)