Friday, July 10, 2009

Aberdeen Days!

My lovely roommate Lindsey Palmer now has her own blog (YAY!), which means that she already blogged about Aberdeen Days, but since most of you haven't discovered her blog yet, I'm going to post about it too because it was the best weekend of the summer! As expected! As usual, be prepared for LOTS of pictures! It's just too hard to choose. Lindsey is from a small town in Idaho called Aberdeen. For those of you who haven't experienced small towns in Idaho, you are MISSING OUT! I fell in love with Aberdeen last year during Aberdeen Days and was SO excited to go back this year! They have this huge town party and it's awesome! We started out the weekend with a night time boat ride on Friday night...
We had quite a crowd this year! There were 11 of us college kids that came and inavded Aberdeen and the Palmer home. They were SO good to us! It really was a blast. A weekend with my greatest friends in the greatest town. Saturday morning we went to have breakfast in the park with the whole dang town! It was so great! There was also a pretty radical car show that we checked out after breakfast. It made me think of Dad the whole time! He would have loved it!
The rest of Saturday just got better and better! We went to the lake all morning and played on the boat. We went tubing (I didn't mention that before I went, mom, because I knew that'd make you nervous!), and layed in the sunshine. And good news people, I LATHERED on the sun screen and made it through the whole day with just sunburned knee caps hahaha!!! PHEWPH!
We took a break from the lake and headed into town for the parade!! WA HOOO!!!!! It was super fun! The boys were all over the candy throwing and we collected alot of loot! Then, we had more fun at the lake until the sun went down! To end this wonderful day, we went to the town fish fry in the park! SO GREAT! I was in heaven the whole time. Seriously, it was just a 100% blissful weekend! And, the slumber parties with my girls everynight were fabulous as well!!
And these are the wonderful Palmer parents with the 11 kids they took in for the weekend! They were SO SO GOOD TO US! We had delicious food, so much fun, and lots of laughs! THANK YOU PALMERS!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July... at Wal-Mart

It was a great 4th of July. Obviously, there is not really anything quite like spending it in Janus Ct. with our neighborhood BBQ, dad's patriotic speaches, flag cake, and our private firework show at night. But, trust me, mine was eventful nonetheless, just in a different way. Michael's brother and sister in law and their kids (Robert, Tamara, Nathaniel, Benjamin, and LuCielle) came in to town to spend the weekend with Michael's grandparents and us, which was wonderful! They brought sanity to me after a long day at Wal-Mart, thank heavens for them! I had to work from 11-8... so all day and it was seriously the most eventful day EVER! If you're in for the stories... keep reading...

To start, I was 20 minutes late because of parade traffic, I should have known that was a sign that it was going to be a crazy day.

I showed up in my blue shirt with red and white accessories feeling nice and patriotic! I just get to work and I see a guy that I work with walk by. His name is Chip. I say, "Hey Chip!". He says, "Hey Jenni!" And he passes by and I thought that was all. Then I hear a noise. So I turn around to find chip collapsed on the floor. It really was scary. Managers rushed around him, and then I remembered that Chip has epilepsy. He had a seizure. He usually knows when they are coming and he goes to sit down, but this time he didn't make it and his head hit the cement floor- hard. Once he woke up, he tried to stand up and then fell again. It really was breaking my heart to see him this way. But, he's the bravest man ever. He got right up and went back to work with an ice pack on his elbow and head. Come to find out, the fall did split his head open and he was bleeding. He figures that he might as well stay at work and be productive with people who can help him rather than go home alone. What a positive attitude. I would have peaced out in a hot second!

So, I was a little frazzled from that whole experience, but I just went back to work. About an hour later I was checking a customer out, and behind them I could see a little boy, probably about 3, playing on the cart. My first thought, "WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR CHILD TO DO THAT?????" I see kids get hurt all the time and it scares me everytime. I just kept on with my business and then I watched that poor little boy fall head first onto the cement. It was the loudest thud I've ever heard and made my heard just drop into my stomach. Oh he SCREAMED bloody murder and his head swelled up like a melon within seconds. I coudn't quite tell if it split open, but I think it did. I was just imagining one of my little nephews and it made me so sad!!!! that poor boy. So, please- do not allow your children to play on the carts!!!!

As you can imagine, I'm super frazzled by this time. But didn't have much time to recover until the next event occured. The checker next to me was getting chewed out by a girl who couldn't have been more than 17 for not letting her purchase alcohol with her boyfriend who was over 21. Do they think we are complete idiots????? Not only do we get fined thousands of dollars for selling alcohol to minors, but we get fired. She was seriously stupid. I don't know anyone who seriously thinks that they can purchase alcohol before they are 21. Holy crap, what planet is she from!??? So, they went to the other side of the store, tried another checker, and got the beer. OHHH man was the cashier P.Oed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, my wonderful fiance came to the rescue and took me on a wonderful 4th of July picnic on my lunch hour :). It was such a sweet escape. I love him.

BUT, once I returned, there was more waiting for me. I managed to spill a gallon of milk everywhere and while I was cleaning it up, noticed the cute little boy with down syndrom go down in the doorway. GOL- CAN THIS REALLY BE HAPPENING??? This one was pretty scary. The paramedics came. His pacemaker was having problems and his heart was functioning for the moment. It was really sad. He was down for quite some time. But, once he woke up, he jumped up so fast... it was kind of weird.

You guys, seriously- that all happened in one day of work. PHEWPH!!!!!!!!

Finally, 8:00 came and I walked across the street to meet Michael, his family, his friend and groomsman Dexton, and my roommates for the fireworks. THAT was the greatest part of my day. It's a pretty big event here in Idaho Falls and we had a blast playing games, eating, and watching fireworks. It was a really fun atmosphere. Michael's niece and nephews really are adorable. At one point, Benjamin said, "Aunt Jenni, can I sit on your lap and watch the fireworks". Aw, tender! So, all in all- it was a great 4th. Certainly a day I won't be forgetting anytime soon!

The fireworks with the music and everything make me choke up a little! I am SO grateful to be an American. We are so blessed in this free country and I love celebrating the 4th of July!