Saturday, October 23, 2010

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

I'm really enjoying living in Provo. It's taken a full year, but I am finally learning to be grateful for this place. Sure, my skin itches daily, I have fall allergies here, driving here makes me fear for my life, and there are a lot of people who think that if you didn't go to BYU than you're less educated somehow. All of that aside, we are having a lot of fun and this location has proved to really work out for us. I've seen more of my siblings since living here than I ever did in Rexburg. My college roomies and greatest friends all live within a small drive from me, some 5 minutes, some 4 hours, but still close enough for reunion weekends. Michael is loving his job, classes, accounting. I have a great job that I enjoy. I would have never met the fabulous people I work with if I didn't live here. We love our calling. I live 14 steps from Stephanie at a time where I know it would be hard to be away from her. And we're enjoying the BYU experience.

We finally went to a BYU game and they actually won for once. We take the credit for that. It was fun to go especially since I miss being home for football season.
Yeah, this pic is pretty sick, but have you hiked the Y? It's straight UP!So that's why I am a mess. It was really fun though and the perfect day for it.

Not saying I want to stay here forever, because I don't. But I am saying that we're very grateful to be here and we're having a great time. We know that we're here for a reason and we're being blessed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fasting and Prayers for the Lances

This Sunday is fast Sunday and I would like to ask you all a huge favor. Could you please remember my dear best friend Stephanie and her Husband Jarom Lance and their precious baby girls in your fasting and prayers.

Stephanie found out on Wednesday night that she has Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This can be so very scary for her babies. I'm no expert, but basically the babies are sharing placenta, one has too much fluid and one does not have enough. They are also sharing blood vessels which is problematic obviously. For more great information go to:

Great blessings have already come. Like the fact that one of the few doctors in the country who can do the surgery for this flew into SLC Wednesday night and was able to treat Steph immediately. Thank heavens. The surgery is the best treatment and went very well. I'm so very grateful that Stephanie was able to receive the best care, best surgery, and quickly.

Now that the surgery is done, the babies are already making progress. Awesome! There are still many prayers needed because it is possible that things could change throughout the rest of her pregnancy. But, so far things are looking up and that is so encouraging!

Michael and I spent the evening with Steph and Jarom and they both seemed optimistic and thankful for the help their fabulous doctors have given them. They are already the best parents these baby girls could have ever received! They are so brave and remaning cheerful and great examples of strength and faith. So let's keep that positive energy coming!

This is me asking you to please pray for the Lances. Please always have a prayer in your heart. And please, remember them in your fasting this Sunday, October 10th. I believe so strongly in the power of a group fast that is full of faithful people. We want Steph, Jarom, and their babies to have all the blessings they deserve!!

I'll let Steph share any more details when she's ready, but that is the basics.

I love you so much Stephanie and Jarom. And baby girls, your Aunt Jenni can't wait to meet you :)