Friday, September 26, 2008

Music Music Music! The Good Kind. That makes you happy- even when you suck at school!

I feel that the best way to show your appreciation for a good band and excellent music is to spread the love. So here it goes... LISTEN TO THESE BANDS! They're amazing! First and foremost...

WE SHOT THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are from San Diego. The singer, Jonathan Jones, used to play in a band called waking ashland. I saw them play for the first time in Rexburg a year ago and have now seen them 4 times. They get bigger and bigger every time. They are now on a big tour hitting all the big cities and of course... REXBURG! :)There's actually a really great music scene here believe it or not and we're their favorite town- it's official. For those of you who know Rexburg, they sell out the Westwood... HOLLA! We were in the VERY front tonight... holding hands with jonathan (the ever so handsome singer, seriously- SO HANDSOME),rocking our little brains out, and catchin all the crowd surfers...(mom pretend you didn't read that line), ahhh it's such a rush to be at such a good show like that. And the PERFECT way to release some stress after failing a chem test and feeling horrible about yourself.

This is one of my favorite songs of their's. Look them up on iTunes, you won't regret it... Espcially you Em- I really think you'll like them :)

Everybody Else!

They opened for We Shot the Moon back in April and they were SO GOOD!! Don't you love when the openers are good? They are also very hansome, which is a bonus.

The Summer Set!

Their Drummer is a girl and she ROCKSSSSS!!! She was the cutest thing ever and just drumming her heart out. They opened for We Shot the Moon this time and I was impressed.

I hope you liked them. I've got more where that came from if you're interested in new music :)

Look What Mikey learned!

Michael is learning to play the piano! I just thought this was so amazing! He told me that he's been learning a coupld hymns, but I was so impressed when I saw this! My roommate played this duet once with her cousin and it was beautiful! When I saw Michael playing it I just got a huge smile on my face. Just watch the way he bops his head trying to stay focused haha!! Oh I just love it!He's only been playing for a matter of months, maybe even weeks and he is making real progress. I told him that he's probably better than me already! Anyway, I just wanted to share this... I think it's great!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Senior? WHAT?!

It's been forever since I've blogged! I have this crazy disease where I feel SO SO guilty if I'm not studying during every single free second of my life. I'm really trying to overcome that, because when I don't take time to do things that I want to do, then I get really stressed and no fun to be around. So, this semester- I'm trying to be a good student but also be a good friend, roommate, and just have a life again! So... speaking of being a roommate... I have once again hit the jackpot! I've had some crazies in my day and I'm happy to say that during my last year at BYUI, I will be surrounded by WONDERFUL girls! There is only 4 of us which is SO nice because 6 is far too many girls too live with. We are all junior/seniors so we are all really busy, but when we do get time together it's always so great. I really love them already. They're just fun. fun fun fun. LOVE IT! I cant believe I'm a senior. It's my last year... sad/happy/SO MANY FEELINGS! More to come soon! Here are some pictures from our family photo shoot to go on our wall :)

Melissa is right by me, then my Brookie Bear who I've lived with for quite awhile now, and Molly on the end :)

We had a killer photographer... Thanks mall :)