Monday, April 27, 2009

Brigham Young University-Idaho

I love BYU-Idaho. I feel so blessed to have attended and graduated from this wonderful university. The mission of the school is to prepare disciples of Christ. It has become more and more evident to me during my years here. My first couple of years I was all about playing, playing, playing and it was wonderful! I wouldn't take those years back for anything. My last 2 years I was able to get involved in some student led organizations and really come to understand how blessed I was to attend here. We have an administration that is under the direction of the prophet and inspired from heaven. We have prayer in class and pictures of Christ in the testing center. I had a boss and a job where I would never be asked to do anything to compromise my integrity and would never have to work on Sunday. I met and associated with some of the most Christ-like people I've ever met in my entire life. The people I've met here, and the experiences I've had have 100% shaped me. I have gained an education and learned even more about what kind of a person I want to be. I met Michael here along with many other of my best friends. There are some talks from apostles about BYUI that are absolutely amazing. Like, Disciple Preparation Center by Elder Bednar, or A Steady Upward Course by President Eyring. So inspiring! I love BYU-Idaho and will treasure my time here forever and ever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

craziest, busiest, most stressful, BEST week ever

Last week was CRAZY! Pretty much any and everything life changing happened. I want to dedicate one post to every wonderful event, but I decided to put it all into one big happy story, picture fest for you all. First of all, I had to quit my job as the SRC secretary at BYU-Idaho because I cannot work there if I'm not a student. SAD DAY! On the left is my wonderful boss and his beautiful wife, Brother and Sister Tippetts. On my right is my student living advisor and his wonderful wife, Brother and Sister Dougherty. These people have been my best friends and family while I've been at school and leaving them was a lot harder than you may think. I miss them so much already. I could go on forever about how good to me they've been, so I'll stop now.
Next... GRADUATION!!! Yes everyone, I am a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. It was so great! I loved watching all of the people I've been taking classes with for so long get their degrees. Having my parents, Em, and Easton there was SO SO GREAT! Seriously, I'm so thankful that they came. I cannot thank you guys enough! And just look at how dang adorable Emily is :)
These amazing people made my college experience possible. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. There aren't words for everything they've done for me. It has been the best journey of my life and I wouldn't take back a single second. As a matter of fact, I think that my love for BYUI will get its own post! I love you mom & dad!
Then, we hit the road for Oregon! Road trips with the fam are just the greatest! Lots of good laughs and fun! Nothing like birthdays and easter on the road. I think we were very resourceful and enjoyed it just as much as if we were at home!
HOME AT LAST!!! Wedding week was packed with such fun! Bunco night was a serious highlight!!! These pretty ladies were a ginormous bonus to the week at home. It was so fun!
And of course, we had to throw in one final bridal shower for our beautiful bride :). It was SO FUN to see old friends. It had been far too long since a picture like the one below had been taken.
Then..... Finally.... my Michael came home :) He met me in Oregon for the wedding and braved not only my family, but the Mitchells, along with my roommates and pretty much everyone from my childhood at the wedding. He was SO brave! The second he got off of the plane, it was like he never left. I felt 100% comfortable with him. Now, he's in Rexburg, with me, and we're happy :) :) :). It feels SO good to see him whenever the heck I WANT!
WEDDING DAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! My best friend got married. I cannot express to you all in a blog post how happy for her I am. Her face that day just was perfect. Even I was shocked that all day I didn't feel one ounce of bitterness toward Jarom for stealing her from me! haha. I was just so happy for them. I love her so much and I know that Jarom will take such good care of her. Once again, all of you know that I could go on forever about my bond with and love for Stephanie. But, I'll cry, you'll cry, and let's not be sad.... let's be happy for THE LANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The happy couple!!!! I was too busy watching her every second to take pictures. Luckily my trusty roommates were there! She was positively the most beautiful bride ever. Everything was just beautiful.
I've been wanting my roomies to come to Oregon for a long time. And they finally did! We went to all the hot spots, you know- The Saturday Market and Grocery Outlet! haha. Below is Brooke and Lindsey. Unfortunately, Anessa had to leave before we went to the market. Bummer!
PHEWPH! What a wonderful week. I am so blessed. Of course, not the stress comes. I'm a college graduate, and I need a job! But, A lot of wonderful things have happened and I'm sure will continue to happen. So much more happened last week that I just can't fit it all on one blog! I got to see Darren, Jill, and the boys, and Marc also! It was SO GREAT! Brief, but better than nothing!! But to everyone that I got to spend time with, it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009