Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, Happy Life

We've been busy lately and it's been wonderful! Our life has been full of great suprises, visits, and family!

First of all, My mom came to town! It was so wonderful to have her here. I really miss my mom out here, so it was just what I needed to have her around for a while. I didn't want her to leave!! She came to our funny married ward, we went to Michael and I's favorite breakfast spot, and then we headed down to BEAVER! Oh it was so great to be there again. Grandma's house is just like she left it and I loved all of the memories. I told mom that I really wanted the "beaver" experience, so she took me to the local diner which I'm certain has not been redecorated since 1950. We went into a drug store, and the lady had a big beehive hair-do. I seriously felt like I had fallen into another century. I loved it!

Emily, Easton, Carly, Marc, Connie, Kellen, and Caleb came to meet up with us too. Even though it as a very short visit, I needed a fix of my babies and my siblings and it was wonderful!! I hate saying goodbye though. We also got to see cousins Andrea, Valorie, and Stephanie- SO FUN!

I came home from Beaver to celebrate Steph's 23rd birthday!! WAHOO! We had another great gathering with the Lances and I was happy to be with her. It's great to be together on our birthdays and I feel SO lucky to have her as a neighbor again!

Lastly, a fabulous opportunity has fallen into Michael and I's lap. My friend and co-worker Loriol's parents own a house here in Provo. It is split into an upstairs and downstairs apartment. Loriol found out for me that it will be available in April. So, Michael and I went to check it out. 2 bedrooms, backyard, garden, covered parking, furniture, less than what we're already paying, hallelujah! WE LOVE IT! So, we will be moving in, in 1 month! YAY! We're so excited! It's really a cute little joint and I can't wait to live there.

That's us lately :). We're very happy and are just feeling so thankful lately for how well life has treated us since we've been married.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lauren's married off!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. DeVard! Look how happy they are! For those of you who don't know, this is my dear friend Lauren Rasmussen (now DeVard) and her new husband Josh. Lauren and I met my first semester at BYUI and she introduced me to my Michael :). Her and I have been very close ever since. I cannot really even express how absolutely delighted I am for these 2. Lauren has the biggest heart, and BEST personality, and is so beautiful and I always knew that I would be critical of whoever she married because he better be good! And yep- Josh fits the profile perfectly. He is a true stand up, good, good guy. And want to know something funny? She was a sister on temple square and Josh was the security guard :). DON'T WORRY- they didn't have a romance or really even meet until after her mission. But it's still just a great story!

Look at this gorgeous bride and groom! Her dress was SO flattering and beautiful on her. And the flowers turned out excellent as well. It was snowy, but it didn't damper anyone's spirits. We were all so happy to be there and see them glowing. The reception was a BLAST! Michael's old friends from Texas were there along with alot of my old friends. Michael and I are pretty big socialites, so we had a a grand time dancing the night away!
I love this one. It really makes my heart smile to see Lauren so happy.
Roomies and friends with the Bride.
1st year of college roomies! Reunited for a temple wedding of our friend. How truly special.
And P.S- michael and I got to have lunch and shop around with our own Loni Nock :) Loni is another very special person in our lives and we were elated to spend time with her again. We love you, lon don!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Remember when we used to play MASH when we were little? I would always choose to be married at like 20, and have 3 kids by the time I was 23, and live in a mansion, and drive sweet cars and all of that. hahahaha. So laughable now.

I turned 23 on Monday. Really?! It's so weird. I mean, I know that 23 is not old. But I really still feel 18! It's crazy. I'm happy to be 23, I think it'll be a great year. It's just weird. And I'll tell you one thing. My birthday was made absolutely FANTASTIC by all of the people that love me. THANK YOU to everyone for the thoughtful cards, gifts, texts, phone calls, messages. All of it, I honestly felt so special all day and it was so appreciated. It was so great to chat with my siblings, parents, nieces & nephews, friends, all on one day! Birthdays rock!

My parents have always done a great job of making my birthday fun growing up, and Michael took over wonderfully this year. He took me to get a massage, we went to dinner and to see Dear John (loved it), AND, my birthday actual birthday present was my rings being fused together. YAY! I'm so happy with them. They are 1 now and I love it. They're not clinking into each other all of the time anymore. Do I have a thoughtful husband OR WHAT? I had mentioned that to him before, he remembered, and had it done. stud. I can't stop looking at it.
Stephanie made my favorite birthday cake and we had a celebration with the Lances. We felt like our parents. Eating cake and chatting all night on a birthday :). It's a great tradition to continue. Jarom even got the frosting I like. Thank you guys!
And now, a moment of silence for Sarah.........thank you. My friend Sarah took me out to lunch on my birthday, sweet much? I know! This was a very happy time. We love catching up and such. Why the moment of silence you ask? Sarah is no longer my co-worker :(. She found a new freaking sweet job and I'm thrilled for her. But she is missed!
Basically, March 8th was wonderful this year. I felt so special. And I'm truly SO thankful for all of you in my life that have the ability of making me feel so loved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your happy thoughts and words on my bday :).