Saturday, November 8, 2008

18 Months

Michael's mission has been so great. He's having the time of his life, working hard, and loves what he does. I'm doing great over here and couldn't be happier for him. He loves Taiwan, the people, and the language. He will be released on April 8th, 2009. :) Way to go, Mikey!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Very Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. I really do. It's so fun to dress up, and laugh, and eat yummy treats, and just have fun. This year was really great. I held strong to the wonderful Jolley family tradition of spooky dinner. It was great! There will be quite a few pictures in this post, mostly so my mom can see what we did... but I hope you all like them too. First, right after we were all free from school and work, we starting cooking cooking cooking!
This year we went with Frankenstine Guts (Spanish Chicken), Skeleton Graveyard (Salad), Snake Bread, Black Cat Brains (Green Beans), Bat Turds (Pumpkin Cookies), and the every year favorite... Ghostly Goobers. Obvioulsy you had to call the food by it's proper name in order to eat it! True Jolley style, there were "spooky suprises" in the food haha!! We all dressed up of course and it was just great.
Me,Kevin,Steph,Brooke,Matt,Mark,Jim, and Shaun
After we filled ourselves to the MAXIMUM and were scared out of our minds because of how spooky the whole evening was :), we got our running shoes on and went to run the Halloween Midnight 5k! I was SO pumped! I run most days, but this was my first organized 5k.
It was so fun!! We started with one lap around the track, then out the gates! For those of you who know Rexburg, it was up Wal-Mart street to the temple, down temple street, then back to the Hart building, and around the track again. Yes, yes running up that hill was hard. Actually real hard. I'm not a real fan of uphill running. But, I'm proud to say that we did run the whole way. It felt SO GOOD! Afterward we were all real happy. The boys beat us of course, but we won't worry about that haha :)
The Runners: Molly, Jim, Jenny, Kevin, Brooke, Me, and Mark
It was a very happy Halloween! I love this holiday and had a great time. It helps that I have wonderful friends here. Here's some more pictures. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! :)