Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Is everyone feeling the happy holiday spirit in the air?! We sure are! There is a lot going on this time of year and we are really enjoying it. This week alone we had our ward christmas party, ward temple night, super saturday, and my work christmas party. All of those events were so wonderful. I was so glad that Michael was finally able to meet the excellent and kind people that I work with, and it's always fun to get to know people's personalities outside of work. Of course, the one thing that brings the christmas spirit the most for me is the TREE! I was absolutely certain that we must have a real one, and the smell has been totally worth it. I'm in love with the tree topper. Loriol from work hooked me up, thanks girl :). I find myself just sniffing the tree daily. I water it everyday thanks to the example of my father every year. It's really fun to have our first christmas tree :). I have some other decorations up too and it just feels really nice.

We also got our first big snow of the season just in time for the holidays. And Anessa was here visiting with us to enjoy it! She came for the weekend and we were SO glad to have her. She somehow seems to always have non snow friendly shoes on when it snows though... darn it!haha! We hung out with Anessa everyday during the summer, so it was really fun to have her back.Brooke came over for dinner with us and I just love this picture. It just reminds me of the good ol' days of chillin out at our apartment at camden in Rexburg. Brooke, is trying to show you the ring she's wearing (don't worry, it's mine) and be the center of the picture haha, anesssa is battling brooke for attention in the picture, I'm making cookies, and michael is just trying to watch the fireside. haha. Just so typical. LOVE IT!

The Woodmansee parents come into town this week, and then we head to Oregon on the 22nd. SO MUCH FUN STUFF COMING UP!!!! I can barely stand it, I'm so excited! I LOVE DECEMBER! I hope you're all enjoying the holidays as well.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Very Happy First Thanksgiving Together!

There is so much to say and SO many pictures to share about our first Thanksgiving weekend. Michael and I went to Vegas to spend the holiday with Em, Steve, Easton, and Carly! Oh where to begin. It was absolutely fantastic! Thanksgiving day was great. Emily cooked up a storm, I made a pie, Em and Steve got a chocolate pie especially for me (which was divine by the way), we ate at Emily's friends Nick and Christi's house, Christi also cooked up a storm, all of the food was DELICIOUS, there were 4 adorable children to play with and watch, the boys took naps, the girls plotted our shopping adventures, it was a perfect day. I ended the day stuffed just like it should be! And black friday... wowza! We didn't go to sleep. We shopped from Midnight to 4 AM! I gotta say, while we were out, I had a great time! When we got in the car to drive home, I was pooped! There were some sweet deals though, so I guess that explains the traffic and tons of people! Ok, so I have so many fun pictures and stories to share about the best part of the weekend... playing with the family :). So, I'm going to post them all and if you don't make it all the way through, it's all good!Easton has SUCH a great imagination! I cannot explain to you how much I enjoyed playing with him and watching him play and hear him come up with such fun imaginary games. We were making funny faces here :). One of his favorites was to play pirates! The couch was our ship, michael and easton made a treasure map, and we would swim through the sea looking for burried treasure! SO ADORABLE!OH! Are there words for how beautiful this baby is? I think not. I enjoyed every second with her. She had such good smiles and chatter for me. I don't know of a happier baby.The Strip! I am seriously fascinated with the strip. I just find it all quite amazing and I love going down there. Michael had never been and he really enjoyed it. Although, the truth is that he mostly enjoyed listening in on all of the Chinese people. Em and I even chatted with Elvis, just for you dad :)Christmas festivities! We went to the cactus gardens to see the lights and Santa. It was awesome. Just what I needed to get in the spirit. I was so proud of Easton, I went right up to Santa and told him what he wanted for Christmas. And the greatest hosts ever. I love Emily and Steve so much. We had such a blast. We played a seriously intense game of Risk (Steve dominated) and just enjoyed each other. We really had an amazing time in Las Vegas, thank you SO MUCH Rogers!!Look familiar?!! It's grandma's house and the tire shop!! I took Mikey to BEAVER! WAHOO! I was seriously so happy to be there. It has been far too long and I have some wonderful memories there. We were able to visit with Grandma for almost 2 hours and Val and Ila for a bit as well! Grandma is sharp as a tac and we had such a fun time! Sorry about the marathon post. I just had so much fun and wanted to share it all. I had THE WORST case of the Mondays when we came home. I was not happy to leave at all. But luckily, there is always something to look forward to and Michael and I really enjoy our lives here in Provo. I'm SO THANKFUL!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shellie Week!

Michael and I have been so lucky! We have been having so much fun in the last couple of months and it just keeps coming! We got to spend Halloween with the Sorensens, Darren has come to visit us a couple of times, we went to Boise for Carly's blessing, last weekend we went to our favorite place on earth... REXBURG to suprise Lindsey for her birthday and see the Woodmansee grandparents who we absolutely adore, we were able to see baby Landon Hilton be blessed, we've had some fun play dates with our nieces and nephews here in town, and most recently, SHELLIE CAME TO VISIT! Michelle Culpepper has always been nothing but good to me. She has such a special place in my heart and was one of Michael and I's biggest fans while he was gone.

We love Shellie so much! Shellie and I have a lot in common and we could just talk for hours... as a matter of fact we did, multiple times while she was here. She came all the way from Texas! We had a lot of fun while she was here. We did a lot of eating of course, playing games, shopping, we went to see NEW MOON! ( LOVED IT!! by the way), and to top it all off we ended our wonderful week at David Archuleta's christmas concertHow do 3 people in a tiny apartment not realize that they are dressing like twins? We noticed right before we walked out the door to church. haha!Game night with the Lances and the soon to be Duvards.... I mean, Lauren and her boyfriend Josh :) P.S- we absolutely love him and totally approve. He's already a part of our Provo family.Aunt Shellie and the beautiful miss LuCille. We had a fun time playing with her for a couple hours.Last but CERTAINLY not least... wating for DAVID ARCHULETA TO COME OUT!!! Shellie scored us killer seats and it was all so wonderful. He sang some of his normal songs, and then most of it was Christmas music. It was absolutely beautiful. The Utah Children's Choir was there, along with a symphony and his voice was so pure. It as a great way to kick off the Christmas season. I cried many times, it was a really spiritual environment actually.This young, little guy is making quite a huge influence on the world. After every song, he basically shared his testimony. He told the crowd how all of these songs are for Jesus Christ and how he has been the biggest influence in his life. He has nothing to hide, he was completely real. what a great dude!Ok, I had a video to post, but blogger sucks and it isn't working. Basically, Shellie showed me that during O Holy Night, the background music is playing the childrens hymn "Love One Another". It's beautiful. Anyway, we had a wonderful time! Thanks for visiting us Shellie!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Working Woman

I just thought I'd share a little bit about my new job. I just wrote this whole post about it and then lost it. So I'm ticked. But, Michael is at work, so I'll re-do it. I work for Utah Physiatry Associates. There are 2 doctors. They are brothers and both very kind. There are 4 receptionists who are absolutely wonderful. They are adorable and all about my age. I'm having a great time getting to know them and we get a long so well. My position is an "Exercise Specialist" or "Therapist". And there is one other girl with the same position. She trained me and is fantastic! She has been so great and she is awesome at what she does. We get along so well and have so much fun at work. Not only that, but I'm learning so much from her as well.

How it works. The patient comes in to see the doctor. They have some kind of pain- car accident, scoliosis, arthritis, regular old wear and tear, etc. It is usually back pain, but we see pretty much everything. The doctor works his magic and then makes the patient an appointment to see me. I sit down with them, we chat, and I get a feel for what kind of pain the are experiencing. Then, I teach them an exercise program that will strengthen their weak muscles, stretch their tight muscles, and hopefully reduce their pain. I send them home with a paper with pictures on it and then they report back. We also do pain treatments like electric stimulation, ultra sound, massage, traction, etc. The goal is to reduce their pain while they are in, and help them help themselves while they are at home. They come in as often as the doctor perscribes, or as often as they'd like. Some come in twice a week because they are in high pain, and some come in once a month because they just need occasional help.

How I like it. I love it! The people I work with are excellent. And not only do we have a great time, but I'm learning so much and they are so patient with me! I have always loved working in places where I can meet interesting people and this tops them all. The patients are the best. They come in and we get to spend quite a big of time together. I get to learn all about their story and I tell them mine. We build a little friendship. Of course, there will always be crazies. But that just makes it even more comical! Michael gets a kick out of the stories I come home with, and I'm excited to share some with you all over the blog :).

I just can't believe how blessed I am to have this job. Michael and I are so thankful for my job, and for his job on campus that is so flexible. I loved my education, and I am so happy to be using it as well as continuing to learn.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Halloween

There is so much that I love about this picture. 1.Nicholas- he didn't want to be in the pic, but that actually worked perfectly for his costume, he looks just like Napoleon! lol! 2. The costumes ROCK! Ben is an awesome hippie, Bella looking good as a G.I joe, beth gorgeous as Dorothy, and I totally loved Mel's festive outfit, and of course... Pooh :)

Oh how I love Halloween! There isn't much better than cute kids running around the streets in awesome costumes. We had such a great day! We were tremendously blessed to spend the day with the Andy Sorensen family. Yep- Mel, Andy, Beth, Nick, Ben, and Bella were all here! They met us down here in Provo for the afternoon. And thank goodness they did because Michael was in group meetings all morning and afternoon so they kept me company! We went up to campus and looked around the bookstore and such. It was really fun because I've actually never been there. And it was really fun to hear about all of Mel's fun college experiences. Then, they were ever so kind and took me to a delicous lunch where I stuffed my face :).

That night was the highlight of course, TRICK-OR -TREATING! Michael and I came up to SLC where the Sorensen fam was so kind to let us crash their Halloween festivities. Is it just me, or am I the queen of crashing my siblings in-laws parties? Whoops! We got all dressed up and headed on out! First stop, the ward trunk or treat.Then off to the neighborhoods! Andy had some family in a GORGEOUS neighborhood in SLC. I felt like we were in an awesome Halloween movie. Every house was decorated, there were bunches of kids racing from door to door, cute lanterns lining the streets. It was perfect! I loved watching the kids say in unison "TRICK OR TREAT!" so cute. And mostly, I love just walking and chatting with my sister!Michael as a scarecrow, and me as a pirate. Our costumes came together pretty well considering I put the together the day before Halloween. I just wish I had an eye patch!Beth stayed back in Provo for a bit with me while her fam headed up to see some other family. I just love her and she is so beautiful!Michael and I with the whole fam :) Dressing up is so fun! Michael will absolutely kill me for posting this. But I thought you'd like to see a blast from the past. This was Halloween while we were dating before his mission. We switched clothes and dressed up as each other. hahahaha!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Happenings

I love the fall! As I drive around, I find myself just staring at the trees. They are so beautiful. The weather is just perfect and Michael and I are very happy. We've been up to a lot of fun things lately! Steph and Jarom moved to town... in our apartment complex... wahoo!! We've been having a great time already! I feel so at home with Steph as my neighbor, and seeing her at church, and calling her to barrow things. What's right is right!
We had a great time carving pumpkins! Steph is wearing my rubber gloves because the inside of their pumkin was moldy... ewww! Also, I had given blood that day so really, everyone else did the hard work because I was afraid that my arm was going to bust open or something!
Here's Mikey outisde our door. My mom got me that cute fall decoration! And since this was taken, we've added another pumpkin to our family because we also carved with our friends Charlotte and Jared which was a fantastic time! It was SO fun to see them again!
We made pies for enrichment! I mean... relief society meeting. It was really fun! I have never made a pie! Our bishop's wife is the sweetest lady and she taught us a really easy pie crust recipe that tasted DELICIOUS! I really have an awesome relief society, so we had a great time!I know, it's not the prettiest pie ever, but it was delicious and that's what counts! I'll continue to work on the whole presentation part.

And then, just last night we had friends over to decorate halloween cookies with us! Steph and Jarom of course, and then our neighbors Nik and Dawna. They are super great and we're really enjoying getting to know them! We played the game Loaded Questions afterwards and it was HILARIOUS!! It's not fall in my house without Halloween cookies :) Thanks, mom for that delicious tradition! We had TONS of cookies. I was shoving them down everyone's mouths and making them take bunches home! haha!

I have to mention one other thing for all you Rexburg lovers like Michael and I. There is now a Craigo's in PROVO! YES!! It isn't called Craigo's though, it is called Pizza Pie Cafe because of some legal problems with the name and franchize and blah blah blah. But it's the exact same place with the exact same DELCIOUS food! Michael and I went and I felt like a child! We were both so happy. We pulled in the parking lot and there were like 10 lisence plates from Rexburg. Michael said... "Wow, look at all these Burgers!!!". It felt like home hahaha! So, there's yet another reason to come visit us :)

Anyway, we're doing well and we're very happy! Michael is working so hard at work and school and he's enjoying his classes! I am LOVING my job! I love the people I work with, I love the patients, I love using what I learned in school. We are being so blessed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Carly's Blessing

Michael and I were so blessed to be able to go to Boise this last weekend to be with Emily, Steve, Easton, and Carly for her blessing. It was so wonderful! I wish we could do it again this weekend. Mom and Dad came too! It was absolutely fantastic to be with family for the weekend. I've seriously been missing them. I know, it's only been 2 months. SO! I miss my family and it was a real treat to see them! The Rogers family was so good to us as they always are! I always seem to sneak my way into their family and they always welcome me with open arms. They are excellent people and I always really enjoy myself! It was nice timing because Ashlyn was baptized and it was really fun to go to her baptism!! She was adorable.

I could go on for hours about how instantly happy I become when I am around nieces and nephews. Oh, it's magical! We were only there for 24 hours and got as much playing with Easton and snuggling with Carly in as we could! Easton loves his uncle Mikey and I find it quite adorable!
Isn't Carly so beautiful in her blessing dress?! It's the same one that Emily and I both wore. TENDER! Honestly, I couldn't stop staring at Carly the whole time. She was so perfect!! Look at her adorable flower in her hair, Em made it!!!!
I'm in love with Easton's face in this one. His daddy taught him the cheesy smile! hahaha! So good!So adorable :) Easton loves his Grandpa! I know I always post a lot of pictures, I just like to share! I sure LOOOOOOOVE holding baby Carly! And nope, it doesn't make me baby hungry :). I'm enjoying my time as a newlywed!Ok, we also did a Hoedown Throwdown performance for everyone! It was super fun. I chose this particular picture, because I think Aimee look especially gangster hahahaha!!! And the picture below is a HUGEEEEEE understatement of the Wii playing that went down. We all played dodgeball and it was HILAROUS! They boys were totally into it. But, I must say that Michael takes the cake for the most entertaining!!! Holy moly he was dancing all around the room and he didn't even notice how silly he looked. Oh man, it was so comical!
Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend and were so happy to be there for such a special occasion. Steve's blessing for Carly was absolutely beautiful and it was a great experience.

Friday, October 9, 2009

TLC... Excellent Television

First of all... if you would like to see all of the wedding pictures, you can! Go to the following link: The Email address is: and the password is: august. :)

So, when I'm home alone, which is between the hours of 8 AM and 10 PM... I have the TV on. I don't like having total silence when I'm all alone. So, when I'm not at work and I'm doing house/wifey things. I turn on the telly! And, about 95% of the time it's on TLC. Let me tell you about some of the greatest shows that I tune into probably far too often.
Police Women of Broward County. Oh man, these girls are TOUGH!! I totally love it! Seriously, they rock! Not only do they totally own that county, they have kids and they're really nice,funny people. LOVE IT!
Toddlers & Tiaras. Mostly, I just sit through this one and think to myself "mannn you crazy mother, you're going to pay for this when she's a teenager." They're raising the kind of girl that we all dred. But it's pretty hilarious.I love the Duggars!!!!!! They are such a wonderful family and put off such a great image and example! They're very religious and insanely KIND! They are so so kind, every last one of them! And they make being kind and religious look cool. They're physically beautiful, "normal" people who have morals. It's wonderful!

King of the Crown! OH MY GOSH, Cyrus is SO hilarous! He is a pageant coach and seriously awesome! Some of the girls on the other hand... psh- quite overly confident. This show is NUTS! These girls go 9 months having NO CLUE that they are pregnant, and then the go into labor and deliver their baby in all kinds of strange places. They have their period, they don't gain weight, their pregnacy tests come out saying no. CRAZY! If that happened to me... I don't think there are kind words for how I would feel.

I know, it's disgusting how many shows I'm able to watch. I promise, I work & cook & clean, etc. I just always have it on in the background. My other favs on other channels:
Oh so good! I don't love this pic, because I like the episodes with the other main guy in it. Anyway, it's so good. Mom- you'd hate it. They are FBI agents and so dang sneaky!
And the best for last... GLEE!! I dno't miss Glee for ANYTHING! It's so so so so good. The music is seriously inspiring! Make fun of me all you want, but I get emotional EVERY episode... like- tears. The music is just so uplifting and wonderful. The characters are so perfect! And their voices... sheeeeesh they're amazing!

I hope that helps with your TV watching endeavors! I also love: CSI Miami, The Office, The Biggest Loser, Intervention and What I Like About You.

Once again, I promise that I'm a working woman...but Michael works until 10 PM every night. So, you get the picture! We're on our way to Boise this weekend to be with Emily, Steve, and family while Carly gets blessed. WAHOO!!!! Can't wait!

Monday, October 5, 2009

使命团聚 and Wedding Pictures!

Oh how I love conference weekend! It is so wonderful to turn on the TV and see the prophet speaking to us. It gives me the greatest feeling of unity with everyone listening all over the world. Along with enjoying a WHOLE WEEKEND to have Mikey all to myself, we were able to go to his mission reunion! That's what the chinese is in the title. If Michael ever reads my blog, he'll be so proud. Anyway, it was great fun! Of course, I forgot my camera like a horrible person! I was so ticked at myself. Michael introduced me to all of his mission buddies. I saw so many pictures over teh 2 years, that when somebody would walk in, I would know their name before michael even introduced us. And then when he did introduce us, everyone already knew who I was. Hahah! Including his mission president! It was SUCH a treat to get to meet him and his wife and to also hear them speak. They were wonderful people and it was obvious how much they cared for Michael. It was a really cool experience. If you know Michael, you know that he DOES NOT complain. And everyone that I met had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. I got to witness some really cool things. One of his friends from Taiwan was there, and we picked him up and he was HILARIOUS!!!! His english was amazing, I couldn't believe it! And I practiced my limited chinese. It was basically just really, really cool for me to see Michael relive his mission a little bit. He had a blast.

ALSO! I finally got the wedding CD of pictures from the photographer, Brandon Schmidt. I LOVE THEM! For those of you who haven't seen them, here are a few of my favs :)

They are all amazing! There are so many good ones of the family, bridal party, and guests. I wish I could post them all. It's so much fun to look at them. ALSO- Maury Ennis made a video of our wedding day and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!!! I watch it every day and it just has some memories on it that I will treasure forever!