Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Last Hoorah

I've mentioned previously our friends David & Alaina who we love so dearly... well- their wedding was in the Oakland temple, only 2 hours from my sister Melanie's house. So, DUH we knew immediately that we must go! It just turned out that Michael's mission buddy decided to get married that weekend as well is Sacramento. So, we planned our final summer adventure together and packed a lot of fun things into 5 days. Here are some pictures and details for my last weekend of freedom with my husband. WHAT A TREAT it as to spend time with the Sorensens at their home. I haven't been there since high school and that is far too long. I love each of those children so much and it is seriously a blast to see them growing up. I used to love them as my babies and now I get to love them as my friends. Although- they'll always be my babies :)
I love this picture! Melanie and Andy spoiled us rotten. We had home made tortillas (and if you have ever had Andy's, you know this is a huge treat), cheesecake, a deluxe bed set up in the living room, and mostly I enjoyed the fun conversation and catching up.
Uncle Mikey is always popular. We loved getting to know Joshy a bit. He is seriously a doll face and I felt like I'd known him forever! I love it when they're not shy.
Rock band, baby! This is our band, The Vipers I believe is what we were called. Please take a look at these boys- they are big kids now. WHAT!? Nicholas is seriously handsome and we were so lucky to be there on the day he was ordained deacon president. Don't worry mom, I took care of the crying for you. It was very sweet.
Mr. & Mrs. Ainsworth at the Oakland temple! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE! The sealing was absolutely beautiful and these 2 were glowing. Michael and I are so thankful that we made the trip because it was so worth it to see these two so happy. We wish we lived closer to them. Don't they look GOOD?! The reception was a blast too! We danced the night away and Michael hung out around the cold stone catering a lot.
Temple #2, Sacramento was beautiful as well. Dexton and Randi were yet another stunning couple. Dexton was a groomsman of Michael's, so it was really fun to see him married as well. AND- special treat, I ran into Jill Newell in the temple :)
Chinese-Speakin' homies.
phewph! That was a quick, whirlwind summary. But take it from me, it was a wonderful weekend and we were both really sad to see it end. I was sad to leave Mel's house, especially knowing that I was coming home to the end of summer! Atleast it was jam packed full of fun! And honestly- we're ready for school to start. We've waited a long time for the accounting program. We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Married Life... so far so good!

Michael and I have been married for 1 year! Can you even believe it? I know 1 year isn't that long, but it's just so crazy. I seriously feel like we got married last month. But at the same time, it feels like it's been forever! And it has truly been a fabulous year. Michael and I have been having so much fun. We have worked hard this year, we've been insanely blessed this year, and I can honestly say we've fallen more in love this year.

Michael suprised me with a Park City get away for our anniversary. It was perfect timing. He found us this adorable condo and the suprises just kept coming. It felt like we were back on our honeymoon, which is how I think an anniversary should feel. I never wanted it to end.

In our condo. Park city is such a great town, and the outlet mall isn't bad either! We got michael a pretty smokin hot first day of school outfit. My actual anniversary gift was tickets to Lagoon! We've been wanting to go all summer and it was SO FUN!The slides are giant! It took me a minute to warm up to them. But I eventually got brave and was so glad that I did. Michael was braver-- he went on the really scary slides. michael and I also share a love for roller coasters so we had a blast in the rest of the park as well. We were just like kids! Running around the park, playing, and laughing. It was SUCH a great day! We thought this alley way was very "24 ish", so we felt the need to document our time spent there. There was cool street market downtown on Sunday and we went to check out the live music and yummy food at the farmers market. It was an over all WONDERFUL and romantic weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have such a fun husband. So-- Happy Anniversary, Mikey! Thanks for a great year and I can't wait for the rest!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The 24th Weekend is Awesome in Utah!

On July 24th, Pioneer Day, I have fond memories of stake picnics at the Thurston Chapel. There was usually some softball, hamburgers, tug-of-wars, and I remember looking forward to it. But I also remember my mom talking about how that was weak sauce compared to the 24th where she grew up... the beautiful Beaver Utah--home of the country's best tasting water. It's a big deal here in Utah. I mean, I got the day off of work! Emily had the genius idea of checking it out for ourselves this year since Beaver is right in the middle of Em and I. Oh man, was it EVER worth the trip!

You all know that Beaver is a special place to me because it is where my sweet Grandma Fern lives and my mom was raised there. So half of the fun of being there is spending time at Grandmas house and visiting with the family that still lives there. And just to add on to it all, the parade was FABULOUS and the games and exhibits in the park were wonderful as well!

Grandma was not happy with me for taking this picture, but I told her I'd get in trouble from my mom if I didn't.

The origional plan was for Michael to go stand in the street with Easton so he wasn't alone, but I think it became Easton standing with Michael so that he wasn't alone. I couldn't tell who was enjoying the candy throwing more. They were both adorable.The highlight of the parade was the grand marshals- Uncle Val and Aunt Ila! They were so adorable. I was sad my mom missed it! I'm seriously always amazed at how EVERY single person in that town knows my aunt and uncle. They deserved their moment of glory! And it was fun to watch them with their kids and grandkids- my cousins! I love this picture of Em with Caroline and Andrea, but I'm sad that I didn't get more of everyone else. They were all so sweet to us! They let us just barge in and play with them all weekend long-- thanks, guys!After all of the festivities in Beaver, Michael and I got to take the Rogers clan home with us :). Ohh it was so wonderful. I was slightly concerned when Easton asked "Jenni, what kind of toys do you have at your house?". But luckily, our grass was good enough to entertain him, because we quickly learned that our apartment is not kid friendly- sorry about that guys! Spending time with them is so special to me. Carly is giggling and walking and talking and I can't seem to get enough of her. I absolutely adore Michael and Easton's little friendship and love every second I get with Em, so a wonderful weekend it was indeed!