Monday, December 19, 2011

Thankful for our Calling

For the past year and a half, Michael and I have been teaching the 16-17 year old Sunday School class. Best Ever. We have loved every minute of it! Seriously! I remember the very first Sunday we taught them, they were all so quiet and not sure of us. Now, we have such a great time with them every week and we just thoroughly enjoy them! Teaching these kids has eased my fears of raising teenagers in this world. They are smart! They know so much about the scriptures. They are funny. They are nice to each other. They put up with our crazy, scrambled, learn-as-we-go teaching methods, and they are truly amazing people. We truly miss them when we have to miss a class or when one of them has to miss a class.

Michael and I have been SO grateful to study the Bible while teaching this class. 2010 was the Old Testament, and 2011 has been the New Testament. It has been so wonderful to study the life of Christ and to hear these kids thoughts. You'd be amazed at how thoughtful and honest they are. Like I told them yesterday, I am 100% positive that we have learned SO much more from them, than they could have ever learned from us.

Here's our current group:

We've lost some to graduation and growing up and such, but these kids, and the ones who weren't there for picture day, have been such a JOY in Michael and I's lives. We feel so proud to watch them graduate and go on missions and go to college and we love hearing about their band concerts, football games, plays, boyfriends, etc. They just do so much good. And make the people around them feel so good. Our favorite part is how different they are. It's like one of every personality in our class and we LOVE IT! And they work and blend so well together.

Lakeridge 3rd Ward 16 & 17 year olds, you rock! Seriously. Thanks for making church even better :) I've always had a tender heart, but man I think this pregnancy is making me more sentimental than ever! haha!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is Coming, The Goose is Getting Fat

Michael and I had a Christmas photo shoot! lol! It was pretty funny, but I'm happy to have some Christmasy pictures. So I thought I'd share one :) We are doing just wonderfully over here. Michael is taking his last final as I type and we're gearing up for Christmas. YESS!! I cannot wait! December has been great to us. No snow. NO SNOW! Oh my gosh it's a dream come true every morning when I wake up and realize there is yet again, no snow. We're working and shopping and enjoying feeling our baby girl move LIKE CRAZY!

And of course, the best part of this month is all the parties and social gatherings!! So far we've had a relief society Christmas dinner which was awesome, then we had a party with Michael's accounting group last night which was great fun, and last weekend we had our 2nd annual white elephant with our favorites. It was at the DeVard's this year (Lauren & Josh) and we had SUCH a great time!
Last year, Michael gave this framed picture of himself to Lauren for the White Elephant. She brought it back this year and Loni got it. It was hilarious! We decided that whoever gets it has to display it all year and then disguise it at the next year's party. It will look beautiful in Loni & Corbin's soon-to-be love nest. We had such a great time! Delicious food, games, and presents. I love these people so very much. They are all so special to Michael and I. We were just talking the other day about how lucky we are to have spent these years dating, engaged, and married with friends that we adore. Sadly, Tiffany & Collin weren't able to make it due to sick kids. We missed you guys! But here's the group:
Here's my lovely ladies now. Take note of how dang good Stephanie looks! She's really putting on the pressure for me with her 2 months post baby skinnyness!
And here's my lovely ladies in 2006 when we met. I love picture flashbacks obviously. They all knew Steph at this point, but she wasn't in Rexburg for this picture unfortunately!
I sincerely hope you're all enjoying your holiday season! We're feeling as blessed as ever.