Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sin City = The Coolest City

This post is loaded with pictures! I just have so much to share :)

I went to Las Vegas and LOVED IT! Finally, I'm blogging about my experience! Forgive my tardiness... I've been on my death bed for the past week and finally feel up to it! Emily and Steve were so nice enough to let me come visit for a whole week! I showed up on my Dad's birthday and suprised him... it was so great! The weekend with mom and dad there was packed with fun! My big $3.20 gambling win, Elvis show, a hike at Red Rock, birthday festivities, watching the airplanes and "choo choo's" (that was for you em), ate DELICIOUS gelato, and all other kinds of fun stuff! As you can see, we're just a gambling family!! haha jk jk, it was like one pull of the slot machine, ok and one game of video poker, ok and one game of bingo... hahahaha!
So after we had to say goodbye to mom and dad, we just kept on a partyin'. Seriously it would take all day to tell you everything we did. But basically, I had the most fun I've had in a long time hanging out with my sister all week. She is the BEST! We shopped until we dropped um, everyday! We hate delicious food, she showed me all the awesome sights, we went swimming, and played with that perfectly adorable Easton all day :) ahhhh heaven! Seriously- He is so so so cute, I just love him so much. I kept trying to take pictures of him, but I'm just no photographer. He talks so much and i just love it! And it was great when Steve could come home from work and play with us. He was such a good sport go go out and shop even more with us!! Oh AND- em and steve are very educated TV watchers and I've found like 5 new favorite TV shows. It rocked! They totally know whats good.

SO the final verdict is that I love las vegas! It was like 85 degrees the whole time I was there... perrrrfect! I just think the city is so cool and I'm so fascinated with how much money people just throw away there. I love all the huge casinos and the whole deal just really interests me. It's a fun place, but I wouldn't have loved it nearly as much if Em and Steve and Easton weren't there.

Have you noticed how BEAUTIFUL Emily is? I have. and I just love her so much. I had such a great time with her all week, it was the best part for sure. I never really get sad when I say goodbye because I know i'll see people again. But when I said goodbye to Emily I totally came back in the house fighting back tears! I didn't want to leave her. She took such good care of me and she is just so wonderful. I can't wait to hang out again soon, em because I miss you already!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Suck

I was tagged by Emilly... a long time ago, and I'm finally completing it! I really want to blog about my week in Vegas, but I'll do that as soon as I get the pictures on my computer. Just know that it ROCKED! Anyway, here we go... This my friends, is 20 REASONS WHY I SUCK! (in no particular order :)

1) I suck because after I see a movie,I totally wish I was in it and live my life for days after wondering why I didn't get to be the main character.
2) I suck because I'm an exercise physiology major and am currently horribly out of shape.
3) I suck because I preach healthy eating, but it is completely out of my power to stay away from chocolate. I cannot give it up.
3) I suck because of my missionary situation. No matter how dumb people say it is, or what the statistics are, or how silly I know it can be- I refuse to let it go.
4) I suck because I no longer have a job, for now :(
5) I suck because I am wayyyyyyy to trusting.
6) I suck because I am incapable of tanning. I'm either white or red.
7) I suck because I'm 21 and still really bad with money... I'm learning :/
8) I suck because I get jealous.
9) I suck because I don't think I've ever left my serving of ice cream uneaten... or my roommates servings for that matter. I just can't let it go to waste.
10) I suck because I have no clue as to what I'm going to do when I graduate... great, right?
11) I suck beacuse when I hear a noise at night, I still get terrified. When I'm at home, sometimes I call or text Steph to see if she heard it too haha!
12) I suck because I really want to paint and I've still never tried it.
13) I suck because I'm pretty positive that I'll suck at painting, but I still want to try just in case I enjoy my crazy paintings!
14) I suck because I know all of the words to both high school musical movies and all the songs and dances and my nieces and nephews mock me for it.
15) I suck because I choose to live in a place where we don't wear coats when it's 35 degrees outside because that is "warm".
16) I suck because when I get going, I tend to talk too much.
17) I suck for because I don't ever cook real dinners.
18) I suck because I spent approximately 3-4 years out of my life insanely obsessed and thoroughly convinced that I would marry a gay man (Lance Bass).
19) I suck because I've always been really good with change and am recently having a hard time saying goodbyes.
20) I suck for some reasons unknown to me because I seem to keep getting roommates who mysteriously hate me for some reason and choose to ignore me for 3 months.

alright- enough of that!! How about we start a tag called 20 reasons why I'm awesome?! that sounds way better for the ol' self esteem haha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Goodbye SRC :(

I have been blessed with a wonderful job this semester. I just applied for it online last semester and holy moly was I the luckiest girl on campus or WHAT to get this job?! I am the secretary for the SRC (student representative council) on campus. It is the student body officers and all of that. They are wonderful! I have had such a great time. I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to NEVER dred work. Not one single day this semester did I ever think "ohhh i don't want to go to work". WHAT A BLESSING! It's been the busiest semester of my life, but one of the best and I've learned so much. My boss, Brother Tippetts is wonderful and such a good example. He is so kind and so good to me. He serves as my boss and personal therapist really because he let's me tell him all about my life and has the best adivce... trust me- if you have a problem- go to him, and if you don't follow his advice, you'll regret it. I know from personal experience. I'm encouraging him to write a book :). He's just a great person and it has been such a privlige to work for him. The people I've met through my job are incredible. They are so fun and have become great friends of mine outside of work who I would have never otherwise met.

Now it is time to leave my job :(. Why you ask? Because I can't work on campus if I'm not a full time student which I won't be in the summer. BUMMER!! But I'll be back in the fall which is so great. So, I'm on the search for a new job that will have some seriously big shoes to fill.

There they are :)


Brother Tippetts

The High School Musical Awared Necklace... They're just too good to me