Monday, January 7, 2013

A Double Happy Post

This is kind of a 2 in 1 post, because there are 2 things I want to post about. We're continuing to have a lot of happy times daily, but these 2 events have been especially happy. Here we go.

 Emily and Steve invited us to spend Christmas with them and it was the best! Christmas is a time that you want to be with people you love, be comfortable, laugh, and have fun. We had all of that covered and beyond! We had such a wonderful time. Christmas is a million times more fun with young kids around! I could have watched Easton and Carly open presents all day long! And, even though Harlow and Ivy don't get it, they were adorable as always. They made eating wrapping paper look cute. 
 Michael and I are just in LOVE with Carly. She is so cute, so fun, so hilarious, so everything that we hope our little girls are. We talk about her all the time and we just love every minute we get to play with her. Watching her play kitchen while dressed in her princess dress ups was my favorite sight of the whole trip. She is why I want all girls.
 My sweet Ivy was sick while we were there. Even still, she proved that she is the most perfect baby. She was never grumpy! I LOVE watching these cousins together at every stage. It's going to be so fun throughout their whole lives.

My favorite picture of the trip. LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY!
 Easton might was well go off to college he has grown up so much! He is such a sweet boy. I adore him. I hope that he enjoys Michael and I this much in the years to come because he is so special to us. We played a lot of Sorry and laser tag, we watched good movies, we shopped, we chatted and laughed and it was just everything a Christmas vacation should be. I am so thankful for that time with the Rogers family before we move. We love you guys!

This is one of the times that we are SO thankful we live in Orem, Utah. Mom and Dad had to come here to report to the MTC, so they came early to spend some time with us. It was WONDERFUL! Harlow was adorable with them. I know she remembers them from this summer. I know it. Just smiles at the sound of their voices. It's so sweet. It was so nice to spend this time together and talk about the exciting year and a half they have ahead. 

 Taking them to the MTC was bitter/sweet...with emphasis on the sweet. It truly was a happy occasion! There were tears, but not nearly as much as you'd expect. We were choked up, but it felt like tears of joy! It was very special to be able to see them off, again, so thankful that we live here. I just feel so proud and excited about their mission. My parents are going to be a huge blessing to Vanuatu, I know it. And I know that their lives will be blessed. I love reading my grandparents journals about their missions, and now my parents get to make their own memories and have their own experiences. It's amazing. The faith and courage that they have shown while preparing for their mission has been just amazing to see. It's so humbling to see how willing they are to drop everything and go serve the Lord. I miss them already. It hasn't really sunk in. But we will be in touch frequently and I am so happy that they're off to do the work they were meant to do.
 Ta Ta, Elder and Sister Jolley! WE LOVE YOU!