Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trying to make the best of the snow...

Well, just ask anyone around here, I'm pretty much sick of living in a snowy environment. For the 4 years that I lived in Rexburg, I honestly didn't mind the winters. Yeah- they were RIDICULOUS. But I just loved my time there so much that I just let the snow be a part of that love and the experience and atmosphere. Well, when I graduated I was hoping my snowy days were over. Not so. We live in Orem now. And I will say, the snow is nowhere near as intense as in Rexburg. But I still feel a bit of sadness everytime I wake up and my car has to be dug out in order to drive it anywhere. Steph, Jarom, and Michael LOVE the snow. So I decided to shape up my attitude and try to enjoy the fatty storm we had the other day.Michael didn't know how to build a snowman! Seriously- he had no technique! So we had a quick lesson and then went to work.We don't have snow pants or anything so we had to wear jeans with long johns under. Definately not the most comfortable choice, but I had no other options!
He had a face and arms, but they are on the other side and this was the only picture we could get. It turned out to be really fun! We had a snow ball fight and played until I was numb. I'm glad Michael talked me into going out there.And this is a bonus Glamour Shot of Steph for ya while we're talking about snow. She had to spread salt outside our office. She did a great job and nobody was injured on the icy walkway! I just couldn't resist the photo moment.
I hope wherever you are you have nice Christmas weather!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clean teeth and Christmas time

Things are going quite wonderfully for us around here. Christmas time is so wonderful. We're having so much fun shopping and baking and looking at our real Christmas tree. We've had a lot of fun and there is much more fun to come. Some of the more exciting recent events are...

Brooke cleaned my teeth! She is in dental hygiene school and I am not kidding when I say it was the best teeth cleaning I've ever had! I seriously almost fell asleep in the chair! She was a total pro. And she didn't ask me stupid questions when my mouth was preoccupied as so many hygienests do. I was so proud of her. Plus, it was only $10 for a cleaning, xrays, and a dental exam! No cavities!

Michael and I got to meet Apollo Ono! Sweet, right?! He came to talk to the accounting program and he was super great. He is quite an amazing dude if you couldn't tell by watching him in the Olympics. I'm a big fan, so it was quite thrilling.

We had a white elephant/dinner christmas party with all our favorites! It was SO MUCH FUN! It's crazy how much fun we have when we get together. Some things never change! There was a lot of laughing and eating, my favorite things. I love these people so much and it was wonderful to spend time with them again.
We're excited for Christmas and I love having my tree up so much!! Michael is taking finals. I'm working. Life is about the same, and that is a good thing!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Emily and Steve were so sweet to have Michael and I back for Thanksgiving again this year. Here it is almost a week later and I'm still very sad that it is over. There was a huge storm warning here on Wednesday when we wanted to leave, so we waited it out, left a little later, and had great roads the whole way there. The way home on the other hand... was a whole different story. Right when we hit St. George, the snow began. This is NO exaggeration... we were going 5 mph from St. George to Cedar City. It took HOURS!! The roads just got worse and worse the more we drove. We couldn't even make it to Beaver to stay with Aunt Ila. So, we stopped in Cedar. And so did everyone else. All the hotels were full, so all that was left was some ritzy room. So, we just decided to treat it as an extended vacation. Luckly- we are home safe. I think it was a sign that we should have stayed in Vegas because it was SO fun as always! Let me tell you some of my favorite parts...
Easton took me to Bass Pro Shop to see all of his favorite things. This is us at the fish tank looking at the sting rays. I think I liked them more than him. It was so cool! I could have stayed there all day. P.S- notice how Easton looks how he's giving a thumbs up? He's not. He had a hang nail and was too scared to let Em or Steve rip it off :).
I. LOVE. THIS. CHILD. Look how big she is getting?! I just love this picture. I had so much fun playing with Carly. She was so sweet and would even give me pitty snuggles. I taught her to say "gobble gobble" and it was pretty dang cute.
But I must admit. She liked Michael more. It was adorable. She would go to him anytime he was in the room. Just warms my heart right up.
I feel like evertime I see Easton he's at my favorite age. But I'm loving 4 year old Easton. So smart. So fun. And my personal favorite- SUCH a big imagination! We went on lots of pirate, dragon, viking, sumbarine, helecopter, etc. adventures. Here we are making a pie :)

I wish I had pictures of everything we did. But it was packed full of fun (minues the part where Michael and I both got fevers/pukes/opposite of pukes and I did not make it to the bathroom). We saw HP7 (FABULOUS), em and I made a craft that I'm totally obsessed with and will post later, we watched good movies, laughed, ate, totally OWNED black friday starting at 4 AM, played, and had a great time.
Thanks Rogers family for a great thanskgiving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reunited by The Rocket

Kelly, Tiffy, and I 4 years ago I believe, when we were roomies. Those were fun, fun times and I love how we are able to STILL have so much fun together. I am so thankful that they live close enough for occasional reunions. And if there is 1 thing that will bring us 3 together, it is THE ROCKET SUMMER! I've blogged before about how fabulously fabulous his music is. We used to listen to him over and over and over again! I think we've seen him 4 times in the past 4 years and his music always reminds me of these good ol' days!Here we are now, waiting in line to see the one and only Bryce Avery aka The Rocket Summer. I'm going to post a lot of pictures, just in case Tiffy and Kelly want to steal them.
If you still haven't listened to The Rocket Summer, I beg of you-- do it now! His music will make you feel so happy, make you tap your foot and sing along. He is excellent. This particular concert was especially cool. He didn't bring his band this time he and played all of the instruments himself. It was awesome. He is insanely talented.

Kelly is pregnant and if you are aou concert goer, you know that it is very close quarters and people get very pushy. We did a pretty great job of keeping a protective circle around her belly haha! And now her new baby will come out singing good music :)
I thought this was awesome. I have so many memories of dancing around, going on crazy road trips, and being too silly with these girls. And now I walk into the room, and they are both changing diapers. It's so cute! And just check out how dang adorable their baby boys are!
Kelly's little guy Keagan.
Tiffy's handsome little Landon.
We had a really fun weekend all together! Not only did we get to go to the show, but we went shopping and ate delicious food. Kelly taught me how to make a pumkin roll, which is super easy but I'm afraid to try new things and she's not, so that worked out great! I loved playing with those adorable boys and it was so fun to spend time with my girls.

Watch this video, if you know The Rocket, it will make you happy :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to the Place I Love the Most

Michael and I have been trying to find a time to get home to Oregon. We were thinking Thanksgiving, but plane tickets were sky high. So we decided we'd just drive. But, then this perfect little situation fell into our laps...

Michael got a fly-out internship interview with Moss Adams, a great accounting firm that has many locations including EUGENE! And that is where he had an interview. We firgured if they were going to pay for Michael's way out, then this would be the cheapest and best time for us to go. So we were ON OUR WAY! They totally spoiled Michael with a fancy hotel, car services, paid meals, the whole deal.

This, of course, all makes me very, very happy. So I went out to spend 4 days with my mom and dad. IT. WAS. FABULOUS! I love every second I get to spend at home. All we have to be doing is chatting or even just sitting together watching Bill O'Riley (only because that's the only thing my dad allows us to watch) and I'm always enjoying myself. The weekend was packed with all kinds of fun! I got to go to my friend Kirk Blair's wedding reception, the singles Halloween party and all kinds of fun stuff. Mostly I just really loved hangin around the house with mom and dad. Playing scrabble and teaching them stretches and exercises for the respective back/neck/hip pain problems.
Jenny Mae needed a ride to the dance so we brought her over and got ready together. It's always such a treat to see my Jenny :). Mom was so quick and clever with our costumes and it was perfect! Dad tried to be a really scary lion, but those whiskers were not helping his cause. We had a great time though!
Mom was so patient and helped me make this super cute Christmasy indoor wreath that I copied off of Kelly's blog. I'll have to post a better picture later but it turned out super fun!

I GOT TO SEE WHITTY!!! Oh how I miss this girl. It's been seriously too long since we've spent time together and it was SO fun. It's amazing how after a year, I can see Whit and we can jump right back into best friend mode and be just like we never left each other. She looks great and now I'm just waiting for her to come visit me!

SUCH a fun time and I wish it didn't have to end. Eugene is so beautiful this time of year and I love all the trees lining good ol' Janus St. Thanks mom and dad for a great visit and I hope it happens again soon!!

P.S- Moss Adams called the very next day.... my Michael got the internship :) :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

I'm really enjoying living in Provo. It's taken a full year, but I am finally learning to be grateful for this place. Sure, my skin itches daily, I have fall allergies here, driving here makes me fear for my life, and there are a lot of people who think that if you didn't go to BYU than you're less educated somehow. All of that aside, we are having a lot of fun and this location has proved to really work out for us. I've seen more of my siblings since living here than I ever did in Rexburg. My college roomies and greatest friends all live within a small drive from me, some 5 minutes, some 4 hours, but still close enough for reunion weekends. Michael is loving his job, classes, accounting. I have a great job that I enjoy. I would have never met the fabulous people I work with if I didn't live here. We love our calling. I live 14 steps from Stephanie at a time where I know it would be hard to be away from her. And we're enjoying the BYU experience.

We finally went to a BYU game and they actually won for once. We take the credit for that. It was fun to go especially since I miss being home for football season.
Yeah, this pic is pretty sick, but have you hiked the Y? It's straight UP!So that's why I am a mess. It was really fun though and the perfect day for it.

Not saying I want to stay here forever, because I don't. But I am saying that we're very grateful to be here and we're having a great time. We know that we're here for a reason and we're being blessed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fasting and Prayers for the Lances

This Sunday is fast Sunday and I would like to ask you all a huge favor. Could you please remember my dear best friend Stephanie and her Husband Jarom Lance and their precious baby girls in your fasting and prayers.

Stephanie found out on Wednesday night that she has Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This can be so very scary for her babies. I'm no expert, but basically the babies are sharing placenta, one has too much fluid and one does not have enough. They are also sharing blood vessels which is problematic obviously. For more great information go to:

Great blessings have already come. Like the fact that one of the few doctors in the country who can do the surgery for this flew into SLC Wednesday night and was able to treat Steph immediately. Thank heavens. The surgery is the best treatment and went very well. I'm so very grateful that Stephanie was able to receive the best care, best surgery, and quickly.

Now that the surgery is done, the babies are already making progress. Awesome! There are still many prayers needed because it is possible that things could change throughout the rest of her pregnancy. But, so far things are looking up and that is so encouraging!

Michael and I spent the evening with Steph and Jarom and they both seemed optimistic and thankful for the help their fabulous doctors have given them. They are already the best parents these baby girls could have ever received! They are so brave and remaning cheerful and great examples of strength and faith. So let's keep that positive energy coming!

This is me asking you to please pray for the Lances. Please always have a prayer in your heart. And please, remember them in your fasting this Sunday, October 10th. I believe so strongly in the power of a group fast that is full of faithful people. We want Steph, Jarom, and their babies to have all the blessings they deserve!!

I'll let Steph share any more details when she's ready, but that is the basics.

I love you so much Stephanie and Jarom. And baby girls, your Aunt Jenni can't wait to meet you :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Fun Weekend

I got really lucky last weekend and had a last minute little family get together. Darren was coming to town for work (which by the way he does a couple of times a year and Michael and I always love when we get to see him), and Steve was out of town, so I thought Em should come hang with us in Provo. And she went for it! YAY!! It was quick, but it was worth it. I enjoy any opportunity to spend with siblings and family. They are always so good to me and we have a good time. And not to mention the fact that it was the best treat to get to see Easton and Carly! 2 babies in that little tummy!! I was with Em and Darren when I called Steph and I could tell that she was hiding something, so she spilled it! We freaked! If you can't tell, she did Em's hair and then we watched sister wives... don't even get me started on them. Ugh. Ew.
I tried to be more prepared for my babies this time. Last time I had ZERO for them to play with. Here we are doing sidewalk chalk. I accidentaly let them get covered in chalk... sorry sis :) But seriously look at them. I love them.
Bridal veil falls! It was BEAUTIFUL and cold. Easton wanted to go in the water, so of course I went with him. But good heavens, my toes were FROZEN for the next hour hahahaha! But it was really fun to go up in the canyon and see how beautiful it was. Carly was such a trooper. It was fun to watch Uncle Darren and Easton play. Where is Michael, you ask? He was working his little tail off all weekend. And we were bummed he missed the fun!

I really had such a great time keeping Em up too late and talking. We had a great weekend and I wish that she was still here. We totally convinced Darren to delay his flight until Saturday night. Jill went into labor Sunday morning. WHOA! Good thing he didn't delay another day! But we are SO happy to have baby Erica in the family and I can't wait to meet her! Basically, thank you guys so much for coming and spending time with us. It was so fun!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 year at work

Well, I've been working at Utah Physiatry for a year and I'm still happy there. I've never worked somewhere for a full year, funny huh?! But it's gone by really fast. I've been blessed with some FABULOUS co-workers, funny/kind/rude/ridiculous/fabulous patients, and a lot of great learning and experience. I'm truly thankful to have such a great job while Michael and I are here in Provo. Of course there are days when I think I have tons to complain about, but really- I have it good and I enjoy myself, so I try to keep any whining to a minimum. I thought I'd show you around a little bit. We'll start with this very cheesy picture of me hahaha!

This is my space. Well, a small portion of it. But this is where I teach folks their exercises and then there are little side rooms off this main room for all the other stuff.

I wanted a bigger picture of my area, so I made steph get on the elliptical hahaha! She looks totally tough working it out up there! It's pretty nice having that there though, I get to work out after work without having to go to the gym. Perfect!
These girls brighten my day every single day. I seriously mean that. Eliza is one of those that was destined to be friends with Steph and I. hahaha! We get along really well. She's just a gem. With girls like this around everyday, it's easy to have good days. I've been blessed with lots of other great co-workers during the year. They weren't all here on picture day because some don't work here anymore, are about to have a baby, or were off work, but seriously- I couldn't be happier with the company I've had at work.
Do you see what I mean? hahaha! Who needs office chairs when exercise balls are good for your back and so much fun. And Eliza's bow just made the situation so much better.
Anyway, that's work! If you are having back, joint, nerve, etc. pain-- come on over, we'll take real good care of ya' :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

I may have a small television watching problem...

Are you sick of me posting about TV shows? You all must think I'm a total loser. Before I go on to do my nerdy TV talk, I would like to start by saying that I promise I have a life. I clean, cook, do laundry, exercise, read, scrapbook, etc. BUT- my husband is ALWAYS doing homework, so I still have a lot of free time. The weekends, late nights, lunch time, I'm free as a bird. SO-- I choose to watch my shows.

Friday Night Lights. EXCELLENT TELEVISION. Jill and Darren were the first ones to tell me that this was a show worth watching, but I've been so obsessed with 24 that I haven't watched anything else. I finally decided to start it from the beginning on NetFlix. Best Decision.

This show is so great. Teenager drama. Adult drama. Parenting drama. Comedy. Love. Football. Motivation. I love it. I'm about half way through the 1st season now, and I already love my characters. For those of you who know them (Jill mostly), these are my feelings... Lyla- adorably confused, but I somehow still love her and Jason together. Jason-Bitter, but who can blame him? I think he's trying and I love him and Lyla. Tim Riggins-WHY do I love him and Lyla's secret relationship? It's sick and wrong, but I can't help it. He has so much potential, I hope he stops drinking. Coach and his wife- best ever. I love them. I hope I'm that awesome of a parent. Julie and Matt Seracin- SO adorable! I hope my daughters date that nice of boys (I'm hoping he stays nice). Landry- hilarious, awesome best friend, I wish I knew him! Tyra- skanky and dragging julie down.

One of these days I'll post about how much I love my books and how cute my scrapbook is and my exercise routine and all that good stuff, but for now, it's the weekend and it's time for a little Friday Night Lights baby!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Working On Our Creativity

Back in June we moved into a new place. We love our neighborhood, our new ward and calling (16 year old sunday school teachers), our lawn, our parking spaces, all our windows, our washer and dryer, etc. It is a 4plex and we are really liking it so far. It's 2 bedrooms, much more spacious than our last place, and we've had a lot of fun making it our own. We've had a lot of fun working on this place together! Here are some of our projects. We are beginners, but learning together has been a blast!
These are the chairs we found with a table at a garage sale many moons ago and we were inspired by all of you redoing everything you set your eyes on. So, we gave it a try. These chairs would not be possible without the many phone calls we made to Emily, Mom, and Dad that day... thank you kindly for your help guys!
Can you tell that I'm a little bit terrified of a staple gun and don't know what I'm doing?
There they are! We are pretty pleased with them. We did 2 different fabrics. This isn't the best pic, but it's the one I had. As I said, we are definately not pro's, but for our first time, we're satisfied.
ohhhhh the shelves. I must show them, because I have waited a full year for shelves until FINALLY my father came to visit and showed Michael how it's done. And while we're at it... my fall decor-cute or dumb? Seriously- I suck at decorating. I need tips.
We painted a couple of different rooms. That was such an adventure hahaha! It was fun. If you ever come visit, don't worry about the spots on the ceiling... we learned our lesson.
Anyway- those were our summer projects along with a couple other things. So, keep all the good ideas coming on your blogs so I can keep copying you. Thanks :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Last Hoorah

I've mentioned previously our friends David & Alaina who we love so dearly... well- their wedding was in the Oakland temple, only 2 hours from my sister Melanie's house. So, DUH we knew immediately that we must go! It just turned out that Michael's mission buddy decided to get married that weekend as well is Sacramento. So, we planned our final summer adventure together and packed a lot of fun things into 5 days. Here are some pictures and details for my last weekend of freedom with my husband. WHAT A TREAT it as to spend time with the Sorensens at their home. I haven't been there since high school and that is far too long. I love each of those children so much and it is seriously a blast to see them growing up. I used to love them as my babies and now I get to love them as my friends. Although- they'll always be my babies :)
I love this picture! Melanie and Andy spoiled us rotten. We had home made tortillas (and if you have ever had Andy's, you know this is a huge treat), cheesecake, a deluxe bed set up in the living room, and mostly I enjoyed the fun conversation and catching up.
Uncle Mikey is always popular. We loved getting to know Joshy a bit. He is seriously a doll face and I felt like I'd known him forever! I love it when they're not shy.
Rock band, baby! This is our band, The Vipers I believe is what we were called. Please take a look at these boys- they are big kids now. WHAT!? Nicholas is seriously handsome and we were so lucky to be there on the day he was ordained deacon president. Don't worry mom, I took care of the crying for you. It was very sweet.
Mr. & Mrs. Ainsworth at the Oakland temple! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE! The sealing was absolutely beautiful and these 2 were glowing. Michael and I are so thankful that we made the trip because it was so worth it to see these two so happy. We wish we lived closer to them. Don't they look GOOD?! The reception was a blast too! We danced the night away and Michael hung out around the cold stone catering a lot.
Temple #2, Sacramento was beautiful as well. Dexton and Randi were yet another stunning couple. Dexton was a groomsman of Michael's, so it was really fun to see him married as well. AND- special treat, I ran into Jill Newell in the temple :)
Chinese-Speakin' homies.
phewph! That was a quick, whirlwind summary. But take it from me, it was a wonderful weekend and we were both really sad to see it end. I was sad to leave Mel's house, especially knowing that I was coming home to the end of summer! Atleast it was jam packed full of fun! And honestly- we're ready for school to start. We've waited a long time for the accounting program. We'll keep you posted!