Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well let's get right to it... I WENT TO THE AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT!!! Yes boys and girls... I am a very lucky girl :) The wonderful Shellie Woodmansee was so kind and invited me to go with her. I went to to SLC on Saturday and the concert was Monday. Shellie, her mom Cheri, and sister in law Tamara and I went to the concert and I have no words. It was AMAZING and more than I could've expected... let the pictures do the talking :) There are lots for your viewing pleasure, because I know we all miss seeing these people every week!

Kristie Lee Cook...Did you know she lives in Grants Pass, Oregon?!

Ramiel was SO adorable! And sounded so good... I was really impressed.

Carly is BEAUTIFUL!! And you would not BELIEVE the pipes on this girl!!! so good!

Brooke... who doesn't love this girl?!

Syesha... so so pretty, and I had no idea she could sing like she did. holy cow!

JASON CASTRO... need I say more? He was so friendly- he just mingled with us for a long time.

Right before I called him over to come say "HI" to steph on the phone :)

Right before I called him over to say "HI" to Em on the phone :)

The one, the only... DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!! I can't explain to you how kind and wonderful this boy is. And his voice seriously made me cry. It was amazing. He cried too :) They said we were the loudest croud because it was his home town and he cried after his last song and said, "look what you made me do!" look it up on youtube!

The American Idol... David Cook. He was rad and sounded excellent.

Shellie and I. I just love her! We screamed like 12 year olds the whole time... but you know you would have too!

Her voice seriously blew my mind.

I cried on "God Bless America" don't laugh, it was good!!!
and bonus! my good friend Lauren is serving in Temple Square and I found her!!

Jason was beautiful and talented as always in his sweet red shoes! When Brooke stepped on stage, she said... "UTAH- THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!"

It was a dream come true, it really was. I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL. And David A! And Jason Castro... and all of them!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SHELLIE!!!!!!!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN!