Saturday, February 23, 2008

Janus Street Friends For Life

These are just a couple of things that remind me of my wonderful childhood and growing up years with Stephanie and Danielle :) They'll understand them all! Our sweet make believe bike games where we were in college and we could change the colors of our "cars", making cookies and eating the whole darn batch, and we LIVED for disnely channel origional movies that we'd watch in Danielle's play room! We all got together last night and it was so wonderful! Who would have known that when we were 20 years old we'd all end up living in a small town in Idaho together?! crazy! I had such a great time with them... talking and talking and eating chocolate of course, and catching up on anything and everything of importance in our lives and laughing. I am truly my real self with those girls and they know me the best. We're all different, and we're at different stages in our lives and that is what makes it so wonderful. I just feel really lucky and blessed to have them as a part of my life. I love you girls :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Sun is Shining!

The snow is melting!! I was walking home from work yesterday and I was just feeling so grateful and happy. It was the ending of a great week, I got an 83% on my Chem test, I went to Craigos with my favorites, I passed out radical High School Musical valentines on Thursday and It was 5:15 and STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE! And not only was it still light outside, it was SUNNY! It was 30 degrees, the sidewalks were clear, the sun was in my eyes, I was only wearing one coat, and it was the beginning of a 3 day weekend! Oh it's a beautiful thing. Of course I woke up to snow again this morning, but not nearly as much and it's still sunny. As president Clark said, baseball players begin spring training soon, so you know what that means... spring is coming! That is great/scary because I've got LOTS Of decisions to make. Oh deary!

Ok so I wanted to show my mom and Emily that I'm putting my apron to use! We made so many fun things over Christmas break and this apron is one of them. My sis is like the master of cute things and she helped me make it along with my mom. SO yeah, check it out- Brooke and I cooking in our sweet aprons... Ok Brooke did most of the cooking, but still- I was in the kitchen so wearing my apron was justified haha!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! :)