Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trying to make the best of the snow...

Well, just ask anyone around here, I'm pretty much sick of living in a snowy environment. For the 4 years that I lived in Rexburg, I honestly didn't mind the winters. Yeah- they were RIDICULOUS. But I just loved my time there so much that I just let the snow be a part of that love and the experience and atmosphere. Well, when I graduated I was hoping my snowy days were over. Not so. We live in Orem now. And I will say, the snow is nowhere near as intense as in Rexburg. But I still feel a bit of sadness everytime I wake up and my car has to be dug out in order to drive it anywhere. Steph, Jarom, and Michael LOVE the snow. So I decided to shape up my attitude and try to enjoy the fatty storm we had the other day.Michael didn't know how to build a snowman! Seriously- he had no technique! So we had a quick lesson and then went to work.We don't have snow pants or anything so we had to wear jeans with long johns under. Definately not the most comfortable choice, but I had no other options!
He had a face and arms, but they are on the other side and this was the only picture we could get. It turned out to be really fun! We had a snow ball fight and played until I was numb. I'm glad Michael talked me into going out there.And this is a bonus Glamour Shot of Steph for ya while we're talking about snow. She had to spread salt outside our office. She did a great job and nobody was injured on the icy walkway! I just couldn't resist the photo moment.
I hope wherever you are you have nice Christmas weather!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clean teeth and Christmas time

Things are going quite wonderfully for us around here. Christmas time is so wonderful. We're having so much fun shopping and baking and looking at our real Christmas tree. We've had a lot of fun and there is much more fun to come. Some of the more exciting recent events are...

Brooke cleaned my teeth! She is in dental hygiene school and I am not kidding when I say it was the best teeth cleaning I've ever had! I seriously almost fell asleep in the chair! She was a total pro. And she didn't ask me stupid questions when my mouth was preoccupied as so many hygienests do. I was so proud of her. Plus, it was only $10 for a cleaning, xrays, and a dental exam! No cavities!

Michael and I got to meet Apollo Ono! Sweet, right?! He came to talk to the accounting program and he was super great. He is quite an amazing dude if you couldn't tell by watching him in the Olympics. I'm a big fan, so it was quite thrilling.

We had a white elephant/dinner christmas party with all our favorites! It was SO MUCH FUN! It's crazy how much fun we have when we get together. Some things never change! There was a lot of laughing and eating, my favorite things. I love these people so much and it was wonderful to spend time with them again.
We're excited for Christmas and I love having my tree up so much!! Michael is taking finals. I'm working. Life is about the same, and that is a good thing!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Emily and Steve were so sweet to have Michael and I back for Thanksgiving again this year. Here it is almost a week later and I'm still very sad that it is over. There was a huge storm warning here on Wednesday when we wanted to leave, so we waited it out, left a little later, and had great roads the whole way there. The way home on the other hand... was a whole different story. Right when we hit St. George, the snow began. This is NO exaggeration... we were going 5 mph from St. George to Cedar City. It took HOURS!! The roads just got worse and worse the more we drove. We couldn't even make it to Beaver to stay with Aunt Ila. So, we stopped in Cedar. And so did everyone else. All the hotels were full, so all that was left was some ritzy room. So, we just decided to treat it as an extended vacation. Luckly- we are home safe. I think it was a sign that we should have stayed in Vegas because it was SO fun as always! Let me tell you some of my favorite parts...
Easton took me to Bass Pro Shop to see all of his favorite things. This is us at the fish tank looking at the sting rays. I think I liked them more than him. It was so cool! I could have stayed there all day. P.S- notice how Easton looks how he's giving a thumbs up? He's not. He had a hang nail and was too scared to let Em or Steve rip it off :).
I. LOVE. THIS. CHILD. Look how big she is getting?! I just love this picture. I had so much fun playing with Carly. She was so sweet and would even give me pitty snuggles. I taught her to say "gobble gobble" and it was pretty dang cute.
But I must admit. She liked Michael more. It was adorable. She would go to him anytime he was in the room. Just warms my heart right up.
I feel like evertime I see Easton he's at my favorite age. But I'm loving 4 year old Easton. So smart. So fun. And my personal favorite- SUCH a big imagination! We went on lots of pirate, dragon, viking, sumbarine, helecopter, etc. adventures. Here we are making a pie :)

I wish I had pictures of everything we did. But it was packed full of fun (minues the part where Michael and I both got fevers/pukes/opposite of pukes and I did not make it to the bathroom). We saw HP7 (FABULOUS), em and I made a craft that I'm totally obsessed with and will post later, we watched good movies, laughed, ate, totally OWNED black friday starting at 4 AM, played, and had a great time.
Thanks Rogers family for a great thanskgiving!