Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fall is going and Winter is coming!

Some highlights of fall semester :)

ahhh the frozen nose hairs have returned, as have I... to blogging that is. I don't know what came over me. I guess I haven't had anything real siginificant to blog about, since I've been gone for the past 3 weeks here is what you missed.... class, tests, papers, FHE, boys, class, test, papers, and more class. Really, not that exciting trust me! But with fall semester ending and finals, moving and cleaning looming over my head-i wanted to blog!

For those of you who have never lived in rexburg, i just really can't explain the phenomenon of frozen nose hairs. I walked out of the apartment this morning at 7:45am and instantly felt that sensation that could be nothing else than my nose hairs and snot freezing. It's really weird, it feels like you have tons of boogers. So, as I walk up to the taylor building in the 8 degrees below zero weather, my face begins to get numb, which makes it impossible for me to feel the snot running down my face until I actually taste it in my mouth. It really is as attractive as it sounds.

I'm moving and my room is a mess. I have 2 rather large tests I need to study for and the ever so annoying white glove clean check to complete and I just don't know what to do first so I find myself sitting here thinking about it for so long that I actually fall asleep trying to decide what to do first, it's ridiculous!

I've enjoyed this fall semester, ok let's be honest- it's been one of huge adjustments for me. But I've still really enjoyed it. It was my first semester without all my girlfriends that I always live with, and instead 5 strangers (which turned out to be wonderful by the way), first semester without michael, first semester taking hard classes in my major, it was just a crazy one. Steph and I have had a great time, crazy people and all, I think we saved each other... again. Basically, I like change and I'm SO ready for 3 weeks at home and then a new apartment and a new ward and new classes and new everything!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a thankful season, and I'm feelin it.

I'm home :)

It is such a wonderful feeling. Before I go to bed everynight, I pull down one of the scrapbooks my wonderful mother has made for me and I look through it. Talk about a humbling thing. That might sound silly, I know. But when I look through them, all I can think about is how lucky I am to have been raised the way I was. I look at all of those pictures and all I have are WONDERFUL memories! Basically I've just been going to bed every night so grateful for the life I've been given. The majority of all of those memories that I'm so grateful for have a lot of you in them. And as I was looking through them and feeling this way, I honestly thought... I HAVE to blog about this to tell everyone how thankful I am for the part they've played in my life. Don't laugh, but I was totally getting emotional in my bed looking through these pictures of emily helping my with math homework, my siblings and I on camping trips, stephanie and I making disgusting faces at the camera because we thought we were hilarious, danielle and I making up dances, Court painting my toes the night before emily's wedding, my mom with tears in her eyes in every holiday picture, Amy, Steph, Danielle, Emily, and I at the Britney Spears concert, The first time I met Jill- we danced to britney spears together (best bonding experience ever? i think so!), First day of school pictures with the whole neighborhood, Whitney sharing a twin bed with me and 2 of my nieces and nephews, Spending time at the Arnold Beach Haven, Dancing with my daddy at Marc and Connie's wedding, every holiday with the Mitchell's and I could go ON AND ON!!! how is it fair that one girl has been surrounded by so much love in her life? I guess this was a good time of the year for me to be having this realization... after all, it is thanksgiving :)

I'm thankful for you all.

Happy thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tagged? Cool, I like it.

Talented and Gifted...or just Tag
OOOOoooo I've been tagged! I don't really know what that means but it looks fun so here we go!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Playing YMCA and Kidsports volleyball,basketball, and softball
2. Still playing barbies while steph only wanted to play dolls
3. Envying my sister and her supercool highschooler lifestyle
4. Definately making up dances with my sis and danielle... OFTEN!!!! good one sis!
5. Student council president of Centennial Elementary School... booooo yah!

5 Things on my to-do list today:
1. Go to my Exercise Phys. tutor in 20 minutes
2. Go to Kickboxing
3. Finish my lab reports!!!!!
4. Make sure all is well in the world of Jenni and Jeremy
5. EAT SOMETHING! I'm starving!!!!! i don't do well without food!!!

5 Foods I enjoy:
1. Mexican food... i could eat burritos until i die
2. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
3. yes, the always delicious potatoes in any variety
4. Chicken... love it
5. I'm really diggin Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits right now.... you should try them!

5 Bad habits:
1. Too trusting
2. The ultimate college student bad habit... PROCRASTINATION!
3. Using sleep as an excuse to not do... well basically anything
4. I am blunt as all get out
5. Too forward... working on that one

5 of my favorite toys:
1.My Computer
2.My Camera
3.My hair
4. Cards
5.boys.. mwhahahaha... just kiddddding!!!!

5 People I tag:
1. Lauren Rasmussen
2. Lindsay Bardonski
3. Danielle Phillipp
4. Amy Winegardner
5. Jessica Durfee

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ohhhhh Dearrrr

Life has been crazy for me for the past 2 weeks... wow 2 weeks now already. I just don't know how much I can say on the blog because you never know who finds there way on here if ya know what I mean. I've somehow, very quickly found myself tangling quite the little web. Yes, you've guess it... this involves boys. I know most of you are married and none of this matters to all of you, but it's a huge part of my life right now. I feel like I'm the main character in a movie that you watch and you're just dying to see how it's going to end up. Let me tell you briefly about this main charcters situation... She's been seeing the same boy for a couple of weeks now and enjoys it. He's a nice boy. She would even go as far as to say that she likes him, but she wants things to go as SLOW as possible! For some reason, she's all of the sudden afraid of getting serious. She's pretty dang certain that this boy is interested in persuing this... whatever it is. Of course, it can't be as simple as that. There's always that one boy that you notice everyday and have a secret crush on but won't ever admit it to yourself because you don't want to like him becaues you know he'll never ask you out. WELL- that boy asked her out. They went out. And spent the next 3 days together. It was impossible to lie to herself anymore, she was falling for him fast....bad move. Why a bad move you say? Because this girl has been victim to the meanest girl on the planet many times including this situation. Mean girl now has the secret crush boy. There is SO much more to it... that's the basics. That's just the way the world works right, you like the one and he likes you... but the one you like even MORE, likes your arch nemesis. told you- it's like a movie. AND to add to this complication, I have absolutely NOT forgotten about michael... as a matter of fact- i can't EVER stop thinking about him. I TRYYYYYYYY to let myself feel absolutely crazy about other boys like do about michael, but it's not not happening. oh dear. you see. look what i've done. This all sounds like stupid girl drama, i know, and i'm sorry about that... but it is in fact- my life.

Thank goodness it's all kind of fun at the same time as stressful haha :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

6 months!

Well Everyone, today is November 2nd... do you know what that means? That means that Michael Eugene Woodmansee has been on his mission for 6 months. Crazy, right?! I am very happy to report that he is SO happy. He just sounds so great and that makes me feel good. He's honest, and tells me about how it's hard and tiring, but he loves it. He loves the people so much. He is serving in the same area his dad served in and so he's really excited about that and determined to meet someone who knows his dad. I miss him. I do. But in the best way possible if you know what I mean :) We're both happy, and we keep in touch and everything is great. here are some pictures of him on his mishy. He looks different with short hair, but naturally still great .. hehe! I Just couldn't let the day go by without sharing with the world that it's been 6 months! I just honestly, couldn't be happier or more proud of him. :) <3

Who knew Taiwan was so pretty?! I love when he sends pictures of what it looks like over there!
He went to this waterfall, and this week he's going to monkey mountain... no joke- WILD MONKEYS that drink your water!!!! cool huh?!

This is a guy he's been working real closely with, they made a deal- no smoking for him, and no english for michael.

Leaving the MTC, he was SO ready to get out of there after 12 weeks. Aren't you all proud of the tie dye shirt that says "Eugene Saturday Market" on the front?!
He does that with his hand in TONS of pictures! I guess it's the Taiwanese way of making fun of us Americans because we always do something with our hands in pictures.
I just love this one. I hope these Taiwanese people are cool with their pictures being on my blog haha... he's so sweatttttty- He says it's ridiculously hot!
Michael and his companion drew the plan of salvation with chalk in the park where he said old people listen to christmas music in english every morning hahaha! :)I LOVE THIS ONE!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Best friends hippie and pippie :) why... do you ask does jenni's hair look platinum blonde and stephy's look blackish and blonde? ooooo- BECAUSE IT IS!! I love having steph in Beauty school! I'll post more pics of our new hair Do's soon!! WE LOVE THEM! steph did mine- she's a pro already!
This is my seriously, AWESOME neighbor Kelsie! Isn't her costume so radical?!?! I died laughing!
Me and my WONDERFUL roomie Ashlie after we survived the fear factory!!!

Seriously- I love halloween! SO MUCH! It's just such a wonderful holiday. We had a great one this year! Steph and I were going to do spooky dinner, but for a number of reasons, we cancelled that idea. I did make some delicious halloween cookies though :) Anyway- to school, I wore my awesome "trick or treat, smell my feet" shirt that glows in the dark and I got from my one and only Steph and Whit. And I wore my Ghost earings... awesomeeeeee!! Then for night time, My roomie Ashlie and I were hippies and steph was pippie longstocking... she was SO CUTE! I think it's kind of a hint when your roomie wants to be a hippie for halloween and so she asks to barrow your clothes... hahahaha hmmmm... and I was a hippie and wore all of my own clothes... meh- that's the way i role I guess! haha... i was more of a modern hippie- not a 70s one, because this way it was free! haha! And once again, thanks to steph, I have a radical peace necklace. That i wear almost every day by the way. ANYWAY- we dressed up and did our hair all aweseme, me and ash in dreds and stephy in awesome braids. I guess this is the point in the blog where I mention that a certain fellow asked me to go to the halloween carnival with him. :) yes- this was a good thing. He's a nice, cute, good fellow that I have class with and have probably gone out with a time or 2.. ;) SO he brought some of his friends and I brought mine! It was fun! you know how carnivals are. we got our faces painted, did the good ol' cake walk, and ate some candy. It actually reminded me of those carnivals they used to have at Centennial Elementary, it was so cool!! THEN- We went to the FEAR FACTORY in rigby!!!! okay, scary, scary, scary. FO REAL!!!!! Since when are people in haunted houses allowed to GRAB YOU?!?!?! seriously- like full on hands in my hair and all over my waiste. YIKES IT WAS SO SCARY!!! Probably the best part though was hearing steph in her ABSOLUTE TERROR!at the end, when you think you're done, they CHASE YOU DOWN WITH A TRUCK!!!1 i'm not kidding you, they drive after you and i seriously didn't know if that was part of the haunted house, or like some crazy drunk kids trying to kill me... oh gosh- it was so scary!! Fortunately, I went to this haunted house with that same nice fellow. hahahahaa. It was so fun though! and there was a nice bon fire there and everything.. so great! Anyway- it was a spooky, fun halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You can't have a personal bubble in Exercise Science

So I'm currently enrolled in a class called Exercise Physiology. It's super good and really interesting, it's the first class of my college career that I feel is teaching me the stuff that I will really need to know to be a physical therapist or something someday. But- along with interesting comes super challenging and crazy. It stresses me out like nobody's business because uh... I actually am having a current "what am I going to do with my life" breakdown crisis. ANYWAY- that's beside the point. For this class, we have a lab once a week. It's way cool- there's only 8 people in the class and we learn how to do stuff like calibrate treadmills, hydrostatic weighing, find your respiratory exchange rate and all that good stuff. Now, I've come to realize that they people in my major if Exercise Science are the most open people and I LOVE IT! I don't know if there's anywhere else where you'll find a group of people who don't even think twice about being in swim suits in front of the whole class, announcing their weight and how much of it is fat to the world, and allow themselves to be hooked up to crazy machines for research... "all in the name of science" as a kid in my class would say. haha! Well, believe it or not I have become one of them. Last week they had us in our swim suits figuring out our percent body fat and then telling each other so we could compare data. but this week- this week was the entertaining one!

Before class I had to fast for 4 hours and then drink strait sugar water. GAG ME. it was about a cup of sugar in 2 glasses of water- i seriously had to lay down after so I wouldn't vomit. Next, i announce my weight and height and how fast I can run to the class. Then they hooked me up to the most awkward contraption possible and told me to run for 6 minutes at a pace I could hold for a half of an hour. Imagine... there's a giant mouthpiece in my mouth like when you go to the orthodontist, with a tube coming out of the end. There's a spit catcher, a part on my head to hold it all in place, and nose plugs so I can only breath out of my mouth. I tried to turn my head while i was running... not happenin!! If i did, I would have taken the computer with me. Once my 6 minutes are up, they pull the contraption off of me and the spit catcher dumps saliva allll down my shirt. So attractive. The point of this is to see what my rate of respiratory exchange is when eating only carbs. Don't worry- next week I have to fast and then drink 5 Tbsp. of strait oil to see what fat does! Once again... all in the name of science :)

Basically- I love my major! Other ones are sweet too, don't worry I'm not knocking other majors! You people are so gifted in those other areas that go completely over my head. I'm just sayin, I think exercise science is a major for the bold! haha! A major for people who don't get embarrassed or scare easy!

I tried to post a picture of what they contraption looked like but it's not letting me... grrr. so use your imagination

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Carriage House #211...A Latin Night Club. You MUST be latin to feel welcome here.

Above are the wonderful people I choose to surround myself with :) People with you know... people with manners

Can I get a HOLLER BACK for nice, respectful people and a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for rude, disrespectful people?!! Since I'm locked in my bedroom forever I can't scream right now so I'll blog instead. Actually, I bet I could scream right now... I could probably scream bloody murder and nobody would hear me, not even through these paper thin apartment walls. Why you ask? BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN MY APARTMENT HAS BEEN INVADED WITH THE WHOLE FREAKING LATIN COMMUNITY OF REXBURG IDAHO. oh my gosh. I do not want anyone thinking I'm rascist or anything... I mean you all know me- I am the opposite of rascist, I'm a very open minded person and love other cultures. BUT- I absolutely cannot handle people that are blatantly RUDEEEEE and never consider other people's feelings. For example, 30 minutes ago my roommate Jen was watching a movie, The Cutting Edge to be exact.. good movie right? And I was making dinner and we were just having nice conversationg. UNTIL... the door bursted open-without a knock, and 5 of my spanish speaking roomies friends walk in. I don't know if you know how incredibly, ridiculously loud they talk. All of the sudden, Jen had to turn the TV all the way up and I think I'm going to blow an ear drum. It gets better. I am cooking dinner... ghetto rolls to be exact.. yay jill and em :) hahaha...anyway- before i Know it, i am being asked to GET OUT OF THE WAY FOR THE SPANISH SPEAKERS BECAUSE THE NEED THE KITCHED BECAUSE THEY COOK AT MY HOUSE EVERY FREAKING NIGHT. ok. seriously? outrageous.

Going to sleep before 1 am... out of the question. They stay over and talk SOOOO loud. Wait- curfew is at 12 you say? oh they dont care about that. Doing homework.. haha... laughable. you try reading and trying to understand the physics of your body during exercise when there's people screaming in your kitchen. SO- i live my life on campus... where I starve. it's a viscious cycle it really is. ok sorry guys. if anyone actually read that. I'm sorry about the crazy picy party I just had for myself.

On the brighter side. I have some wonnnnnnnderful roomates who I relate with very well and laugh with and talk with and just enjoy. If it weren't for them, I'd be sleeping in steph's bed every night... which i wouldn't mind but she might get ticked because I always push her into the wall crack hahaha!

ok... i'm going to attempt to study my notecards.

i promise i'm not a brat- just temporarily frustrated, isn't that what blogs are for?!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spirit Relay Night!

Melissa, Ashlie, and I all in our pink ready to go get our run on for the 18th ward!
That's my good buddy Thor. Actually we just met, but we're good buddies because anyone who represents BYUI in such a studly manner is my buddy. He's our mascot... i think... i see him everywhere!

Alright everyone... it's spirit week here at BYUI! To some, that means absolutely nothing... but to my roomies and I, it means an excuse to celebrate the fabulous school we attend and just be silly.The spirit rally was last night. Every ward is a different color, and 50 people from each ward run a relay, each person runs a lap around the track. AND- as for the rest of the ward that doesn't get to run, they are up in the stands cheering for their ward. Just imagine a filled BYUI stadium full of different colored wards screaming for an hour and a half as their ward runs a relay. It's a wonderful thing. The 31st ward always wins, they're good... i'm not gonna lie! Married wards even did it too this year... BUT- they only had to do 30 laps! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!!! when you get married to you instantly lose your ability to run so you get to cheat?!!!! It sounded a little fishy to me! SO- my ward this year... unforunately = no bueno. They didn't sign us up!!!! My roomies and I were naturally very upset about this. sooo... about 10 of us took it upon ourselves to sign ourselves up. So, we signed up the 18th ward about 10 minutes before the relay and declared our color pink! Now, remember the part about 50 laps??? yeah- we had no where near 50 people so... let's just say we all got our work out last night running multiple laps each! BUt boy oh boy did we finish that relay and we were dang proud of it! It really was SO fun, and it was a nice night and if you ask me, the people from my ward that didn't sign up were misssssssing out!

I don't know when the last time your ran on a track was... but one lap is longer than it looks!!! So I start off sprinting, everyone is cheering and I'm super pumped and the adreneline is goin... then about half way around the track, the smile leaves and i'm like... crap this is no sprint man- i'm getting tired. There are tons of people on the side of the track so I try to force a smile when I run, but I'm really just trying to force the oxygen into my body and breath hard so I have like this crazy "i'm trying not to look tired" look on my face, as I run with my pink pom pom for our baton. hahahaha, it was a comical night.

Yay for college and random crazy stuff that makes me feel like I don't have anything to worry about atleast for an hour or two :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

A wonderful weekend and High School Musical... Does life get any better?

This is our awesome bed set up in my living room. You guys should try it, it's very satisfying ;)Seriously- look at what a beautiful day it was! And yes- I'm aware of how awesome my outfit is. It's the free spirit in me.
Stephers with her delicious chocolate waffle :) It's just cake mix in a waffle maker... DELIC!

It's monday and I don't even care because I had a wonderful weekend! Who doesn't love conference weekend? I mean for real. And let's be real here, it might have been especially wonderful for me because the latin posse went to Utah for the weekend.... HALLELUJAH!!!! My other roomies were gone too, I totally love them and they were missed, but I'm not going to lie- it was SO nice to hear silence for once. And to just sit. And to be able to talk to steph without competeing over a million voices. It was wonderful, besides the fact that I"m thoroughly conviced the speakers were gossiping about me in conference.... justtt kidding. But here's what happened- Right after all the new changes and big news in the saturday morning session, my power went out due to the enormous snow storm Danielle reported of :). So uhh, there I am in my jammies at 10 am with noooo conference. and I couldn't watch it on my computer because the battery was dead and there was no electricity to charge the batter. wonderful. I was VERY frustrated because I was really looking forward to conference and watching all of the sessions. So, I figured... this must be a sign that I am supposed to take a nap right now while the apartment is quiet for probably the last time EVER. so I did... and what do you know- the power came back on 15 minutes after conference ended. Ironic?

Anyway,Saturday night, steph and I pulled out our mattresses and watched a little High School Musical 1 with our beds in front of the TV allll ready for conference the next day. It was so blissful 1. because HSM ALWAYS is blissful, and 2. because what could be better than NOT having to get out of bed to hear conference? well, come saturday morning... the wonderful snow storm had our cable down. SO- we packed up our waffle making gear and walked the couple blocks to stephs house. At this point we realized what a blessing the snow was because it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY EVER!! The sun was shining, the leaves were different colors, and there was snow on the ground OH, it was wonderful! SO- we made our absolutely DELICOUS chocolate waffels and ice cream and watched conference with stephanie's "sweet Spirit" neighbor boys, if you catch my drift. It was just quite a wonderful experience. You know they "he wrote that talk just for me" feeling. I got that alot, it was great.

Don't worry- the fun DOES NOT end here! After a relaxing sunday, the troops came home... oh GOL. Luckily mondays are the BUSIEST days of my life so I'm not home all day. Class, Lab, Class, Class, Tutor, Kickboxing, FHE. I LOVE IT. Then... brace yourselves, THE BEST PART. I haven't watched High School Musical 2 since I was in Oregon... a whole month PEOPLE! Steph and i watched it tonight and it seriously had me emotional. Laugh all you wish... but don't you judge me until you've watched it. OHHHH It will yank at those heart strings of yours (you actually DO have heart strings, did you know that? I learned that in lab today) Troy is the most beautiful being ever created and he belongs with Gabriella forever. OHHH everything about that movie is to die for. PLEASE- do yourself a favor, watch it! Now, we all know that I have a tendancy to obsess over things (Lance Bass ring a bell?) but i MEAN IT THIS TIME! HSM 2 is a dream come true!!!!!! Those of you who were raised watching Disney Channel Origional Movies as I was... MUST WATCH THIS. It's amazing how good it is. It should be in theaters.

Uh- shout out to my WONDERRRRFUL friend Lauren who just got her mission call to temple square. CONGRATS GIRL! I LOVE YOU!

Anyway- It's bed time, I'm going to attempt to attend my 8 am class tomorrow... wish me luck :)
P.S. how do i add a video from YouTube on here? I want to show you all the wonder that is Troy Bolton, Gabrielle Montez and the rest of the High School Musical gang :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

The one, The only... Jim Halpert everyone!

I'm in between classes and it is SO friday. I should be studying the anatomy of the heart for my quiz on monday, but how can I possibly be expected to focus when The Office was on last night and I was once again subjected to the Beauty that is Jim Halpert. I think I'm in love. I will admit, I was just converted to the office about 3 weeks ago but my wonderful roommate Melissa and friend Kell... thanks guys- you've changed my life. So, it is true that I am new to the Jim and Pam romance and my heart ache for them is recent, BUT- I'm telling you, I feel it just as strong as if I've been watching from the beginning. They are MEANT to be together. This season is just rocking my world with all the sarcastic flirting, sneaking kisses, and office PDA (poor Toby). As must as I love pam, and couldn't be happier for the two of them, I honestly believe I am meant to me Mrs. Jim Halpert. He's perfect in ever way. I love him. Now, this next comment might sound like a stretch, but I believe it's so true... so here it is- Jim is SO much like Michael!!!!! For real. Even steph noticed it right off of the bat. When she watched her first episode she texted me and said "Jim IS michael". It's so true. Everything down to the haircut! For those of you who have been so fortunate as to meet my wonderful dear dear friend michael :) you know that he is the most peaceful, mellow, calm dude ever. And he has the same sense of humor as Jim, and the same messy hair. And I'm not gonna lie- the same good looks! I think I've found Michael's long lost twin.

Now don't be mad, I promise I won't steal him from Pam. They are meant for each other, I accept that.

ANYWAY- I'm sitting in the health science computer lab and everyone looks like they're doing really important stuff, so I guess I better go over my presentation on Multiple Sclerosis that I'm giving in an hour. I just had to share my feelings about Jim with the world. I know you all love him too... married or not- EVERYONE loves Jim Halpert.

Happy conference weekend to you all. I'm super pumped...steph and I are staying back and making chocolate waffles for breakfast YUMMMMMM.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bye Bye MySpace, Hello Bloggers!

Ok so I realize that I'm not married, pregnant, moving or anything cool like that... I'm just a regular, 20 year old college student. BUT- I have recently said goodbye to the wonderful world of MySpace (proud steve?) because I just can't seem to handle all the awesome, caddy, ridiculous drama crap that comes along with it... so here I am, blogging. I've been considering blogging for a long time, but I always thought... Everyone I know that has a blog is married and I am clearly not so, I'm definately not allowed in that elite blogging club. But I obviously have somewhat gotten over that because here I am.

As most of you know, I reside in the magical, heavenly town of Rexburg, Idaho and go the BYU-Idaho. I'm not really sure if there is a better place on the planet... except oregon of course. Although, I'm pretty sure that the title "the windy city" was wrongly given to Chicago- that should be Rexburg's name... is chicago called the windy city? I think it is. Anyway, at the moment I have 2 rather large and important tests looming over my head and so far this blogging is doing a great job of helping me procrastinate. I am of course locked up in my room because every latin member of the BYU-Idaho community is always at my apartment speaking spanish at a ridiculously loud volume. I'm telling you.... There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to hear every precious word that comes out of Jim's mouth from the Office because the TV is up all the way, but the spanish speakers are louder!!!! I only with you all knew how crazy it is. I'm totally down with spanish- I mean it's a sweet language, and being latin is radical.... more power to ya- but for real, I don't think there is any better way to show someone you're talking about them than to start speaking in another language... PALEASE.

All I have to say is THANK HEAVENS FOR STEPHANIE! My best friend, Ms. Stephanie LeAnn Mitchell, moved to Rexburg with me this year and I'm pretty sure that whether she knows it or not, she's here to save me! I feel at home everywhere I go, because she is here. Nothing seems too serious or too hard, because she's here. Living college life with her is like a whole new demention to our friendship and we're totally diggin it. There's nothing quite like jumping off bunk beds for a good time in Rexburg, Idaho!

Anyway- I'm new to the whole... blogging and spilling my guts to the world thing, so sorry if this was crazy random, but... basically- i'm going to blog now. yay!

peace :)