Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Stuff

We've been loving life back in Oregon. Being here makes us so excited for this time next year when we will be permanently moving here! Michael loves to look at neighborhoods and dream about where we might buy a house. I miss my Utah friends (STEPH) very much, which makes me excited for the fall, but at the same time I don't want this summer to ever end because we're having so much fun. Life sure is bitter sweet at times, isn't it?! Here is some of the fun stuff we've been up to:
 I love my Oregon summers because I LOVE my time with Whitney. I love the fact that her and Harlow get to be buddies and I love just being able to see her whenever I want as opposed to twice a year like it used to be. We've been going to Zumba together twice a week and we totally love it!
 We went to see the Oregon Ducks scrimmage and it was a beautiful day to enjoy the weather at Autzen Stadium. Mom and I bet against Dad and Michael on which team would win. Girls won :) So boys took us out to dinner. Days like this are another reason we're loving it here. Fun outings with grandma and grandpa. Harlow LOVES it outside so she was a perfect angel as usual.

 I didn't want her head getting sun burned... so she was a little gangsta for the day :)
 We went for a walk around Hendrix park. Harlow loves her front pack, thanks Marc & Connie!! And Michael loves to carry her around in it.
 We've also got to spend some time with Aliya and her beautiful girls Lera and Veda. They are so cute and it's really fun to have some friends to get together with during the day. I could listen to little Lera talk all day long. It makes me excited to hear what Harlow will be sounding like.
 Mama and baby play all day long. We are the best of friends. I love her so very much and enjoy every moment of being her mom.
 Harlow LOVES her grandparents. She talks more for my mom then she does for anyone else and grandpa can really get her to smile. She eats breakfast with them and we like to say hi to grandpa while he's working in the yard. We are so grateful for them and all of their help.
 Most recently, Anessa came to visit us! YAY! She lives in Portland now and came to spend her days off with us. I LOVE HER FOR THIS! It was so fun to see her and we had such a great time. Come again SOOOON!

And my most favorite recent news. Harlow loves her hand. I mean... this is L-O-V-E. She stares at it all day and moves her wrist around and wiggles her fingers and she just looks amazed at how awesome it is. So, mom was smart and thought she might like a wrist rattle. We put it on and this is her first time with it. She was GRINNING at it! hahahahaha! She seriously loves it. SO CUTE! You can bet that if she's not eating or pooping or sleeping... she's looking at her wrist rattle. The joys of being 2 months old.

That's life! Michael has started his internship and is loving it again, which makes me very happy. I am back teaching aerobics twice a week at the church and I'm really enjoying it and being able to really exercise again. I'm hoping to get the energy soon to start working on some crafts or something. Having a baby is starting to feel normal and life is starting to flow somewhat smoothly. As always, we are constantly grateful for what a blessed life we have. 

Harlow is realllly excited to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Woodmansee next weekend. So excited that she hasn't been sleeping at night! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Fun Weekend and a 2 Month Old Baby

Last weekend we got to go to Seattle for a very special occasion. My nephew Joseph was baptized. I cannot BELIEVE he is 8. And he just looks so grown up and he gets more and more handsome every day. We were so very proud of him and I loved being there for his special day. We were extra lucky because we arrived on his actual birthday! So the whole weekend was a big birthday/baptism party and we had a GREAT TIME! It was absolutely wonderful to see Darren, Jill, and the kids. Their precious babies are growing up too fast and it's killing me! Of course, I was teary during the baptism because he was just so adorable and it was clear that he knew how special it was. We love you, Joseph! Here are some pictures of the birthday and baptism.
 We crammed a lot of fun into this weekend! And the kids were so adorable with Harlow. Erica couldn't stop kissing her. Her kisses are so cute! She touches her lips to her and says "BUH"! It's so cute! Justin just kept commenting on how cute she was. I loved seeing her with her cousins. Speaking of Harlow, this kid is an angel! We were worried about the 5 hour drive up to Seattle, but we had no reason to be. She did not make a peep in the car. And she slept 7 hours at night, and she was perfect all day, everyday. THANK YOU, HARLOW! It was a wonderful trip!
Harlow turned 2 months old on Mothers Day. It's killing me! She's SO BIG! Last night we put her in 3-6 months old jammies and I about died. She's a growing girl that is for sure. She really learns something new everyday. Yesterday she started swatting at the toys that hang about her swing. It was so cute. She is also starting to put things in her mouth. So cute. She smiles so much and is still working on that giggle. She has slept through the night 3 times this week. BEST! And when she doesn't sleep through the night, she at least gives me 5 hours. So, I think I'm pretty spoiled. She really is such a good baby and brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined. When she is asleep, we stay up and talk about her and look at pictures and videos of her. We adore her. Michael is so sweet with her and she loves her daddy. She is trying SO HARD to suck her thumb. It's pretty cute. She gets her fist up to her mouth and struggles to get her thumb in. She'll get it someday. 
Life is great around here. Michael started work at Moss Adams and Harlow and I are loving being at home with Grandma and Grandpa :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Few Pictures of Miss Harlow

We are having so much fun here in Oregon! I plan to post again soon with more details on what we have been up to and more pictures of the fun we've been having. But for now, just a quick update on our lovely girl. Harlow is SO much fun right now! She has just begun to respond with smiles. It is so much fun to make her smile. We really think she is working on laughing. When she smiles really big she starts to gasp for air like she's trying to get a giggle out. I can't wait for that! She holds her head up and doesn't like to relax. She likes to be set up like a big girl. And speaking of big girl... she is looking like one! It's killing me! I mean, I love it-- but I also hate it! I'm trying to treasure every moment of my tiny baby while I still have her. She sleeps 4.5 hours minimum at night and then another 4 after a feeding. But we have been getting some 6-7 hour nights lately. So, fingers crossed that continues! She really doesn't fuss unless she needs something. We feel so blessed. She is a happy girl and we truly ADORE her more than anything in the world.
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