Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woodmansee Family Visit & Easter

We got to see Michael's whole family this past week! It was a double-event weekend. Robert & Tamara are both graduating and they also blessed their new baby boy, Marshall. This is the only picture I got of him, but my GOODNESS he is precious! He is so little and perfect and quiet and I just couldn't get enough of him. I snatched him up at every chance I could get. We're all super proud of the graduates and thankful to them for bringing us all together.
Bill & Amber were awesome to set up a family pictures session. I can't wait to see the professional versions of these, but this is just a snapshot I got of the original Woodmansees. Cute, right?! It really was fun for me to see Michael get to interact with his entire family and I always enjoy catching up with them.
I just love this little snapshot! LuCille is so beautiful and she loves her aunt Shellie. She was the only one who could get her to smile for the pictures and let Mommy do her hair.
HAPPY EASTER!! The easter bunny came to our house. He was so sweet. He left me a basket and hid eggs all over the house... yeah-- he's adorable. Don't worry, Michael and Shellie were also visited by the easter bunny. Check out the beautiful, pregnant Shellie below :). She looks so great and we are so excited to meet Macie Culpepper in August!! I love this picture of Michael and his favorite girls.
Spring is slowly showing up and I'm loving it. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Highlight of the Weekend

Look who I got to see! It had been far too long since I've had some quality time with Kim Davis (now Thomas) and Kallie Hutcheson (now Murdock).Seriously, I think it's been since high school... sad story! I honestly had NO idea that they both lived here in Utah until just a couple of months ago. And thanks to Kim, we all got a chance to catch up! Miss Kim is expecting her first baby in June so Kallie and I went on a little trip to Price, UT for her baby shower.

It was just the craziest feeling the whole time. I felt like we were 14 and just back where we used to be, but NO- we're all grown up and married and living in UTAH... what????!! Kallie has 2 beautiful babies of her own, and this is Kim's first. I know, I know... where's mine? But I'm a whole year younger than them, so I think that allows me extra time.

Kim was stunning. Seriously- she was beautiful as always, but more-so because she is so happy to be pregnant! The shower was so well done and fun and it was just great to see her so spoiled for her new babe. I got to see here mom, Nan, and sister, Amy as well which was awesome too!

Kallie and I just chatted up a storm all the way there and back. We had sooo much to catch up on and I loved every second of it! Turns out she just moved right up the road from me, so I'm hoping to see more of her! Anyway, it was a great reunion! These girls truly are fantastic and being with them brought back SOOOO many funny memories!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Moment of Radio Fame

Meet Todd & Erin of my radio morning show!

The greatest thing ever happened, listen to this...

So, every single morning, I take Michael to school at 7:40 AM and we listen to the 7:40 challenge on B98.7 radio station. It is a trivia challenge. Someone calls in, they ask 5 questions and if you get 3/5 right, you get a prize. Every morning Michael and I make comments like "awww man, how could they miss that?!" or "crap, I would have never known that". For the past 9 months, I have been telling Michael that I would smoke that challenge! I try to call in a couple of times a week and they never answer me. Well guess what folks, the stars aligned and THEY ANSWERED MY CALL!

So, here's the play by play. I call. It's ringing. I'm freakin out! Todd answers and asks me if I want to play. Ummmmm H*** YES!!!! hahahaha!I told them this was the best day of my life!!! They said "Jenni, don't say that, that's very sad". hahaha! So they asked me what I do and I told them and they proceeded to tease about how I torture people for a living and they were very funny and just being all funny you like like radio morning hosts are. I LOVED that I was talking to my radio celebs.

This whole time Michael is crouched down to the car speaker trying to hear me on the radio. We pulled over because I was so dang pumped. Too pumped to drive.

Todd tells me that he has a basket full of questions, he is going to pull 5 out at random and I have 5 seconds to answer each question. I told him I was so nervous!! And Erin tells me that this is my chance to show all those people who get questions wrong how it's really done. And I said LET'S DO THIS! What are the questions you ask??? Here you go...

1) How many degrees in a right angle?
2) What is the smallest and thinnest form of US currency?
3) Who is Simba's father?
4) Name a Chicago baseball team.
5) Which member of the Jackson 5 named his son Jermajesty?

Guess what suckas?? I GOT THEM ALL 5 right!!!! They rang all their fancy bells and played their special music and I finally got my MOMENT!! Oh man, it was so liberating. You have no idea! hahahaha!

Here were my answers (the correct answers by the way)...

1) 90
2) Dime
3) Mufasa
4) White Socks
5) Jermaine

Todd said that I should get 1 point taken away because I should have said Chicago Cubs, and do you know what I said?? I said, well, my brother in law would be proud. SHOUT OUT TO STEVE-O! Erin told me that there is a very small list of people who have bragging rights and that I am on it!

You guys, seriously- this made my life! You know how you listen to your show every morning? Well it feels GREAT to be a part of it. Yes, maybe I'm a little over excited. But hey- it's the little things in life, right?!

I won 2 large, 2 topping Pappa Murpheys pizzas and 2 tickets to a play at a really fun theater around here. And now, I feel complete.