Saturday, February 27, 2010

The anticipation is killing us!

I think by now that most everyone knows that Michael has applied to the accounting program here at BYU. That is why we are here. It is the best in the country and he's always wanted to give it at shot. He turned in his application at the very beginning of January and was told it would be 30-60 days until he heard a response. He has been anxiously awaiting as the days climb into the high 50s. FINALLY- 2 days ago, he excitedly sat me down in front of the computer to see a screen that said "a decision has been made on your application, click here to see". AHHHH!!! CLICK IT CLICK IT!!! So, he did, and this is what it said.... "because many applicants are finishing their pre-reqs this spring semester, we will re-review your application on July 12th". AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Do they even understand how tortorous that is? We have lives to plan people! If he doesn't get in, he needs to apply for another program, or we might be in China, or go back to Rexburg. There are so many options and we need to know!

But, Michael being the incredible optimist that he is says to me,"this is great news, I didn't get rejected right off the bat!" :) He's right. That is a very good news. We truly hope that Michael gets in. He wants this really bad. And even though I by no means LOVE Utah, it's dry weather, and BYU-Idaho hating students, we have had some great opportunities open up for us here, so it would be great to stick in one place for a while. But, he assures me that if he doesn't, life will go on, and there are many other options open to him. And I know that's true. He's worked really hard to make sure he has other paths he could take. Anyway... that's the status!
Also, last weekend Lindsey and Anessa came to town. PARTAY! So we had the whole gang over for some home-made pizza and we had a blast! Lindsey and Anessa stayed with us and trust me, we love having sleep overs so it was great fun. Brookie bear, Steph, and Jarom were a part of the fun too and really it is SO fun to have all of these people together. If only we could talk Anessa into moving down here, we'd definately do this more often. someday!

That's life recently :) We're loving it and very happy as usual.
P.S- 2 antibiotics and 1 doctors visit down, and I'm feeling MUCH better. thanks :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Valentine

My Valentine was so wonderful to me. I should have known. He always sent me great packages from Taiwan on American AND Taiwanese Valentine's Day. He really is a romantic. First, he brought me flowers and chocolate. That right there would have been enough for me. It made me so happy that he was so thoughtful. Then, he took me to see Valentine's Day which I have been talking about for weeks! THEN- he took me to a local Mexican restaurant that I've been dying to try. And THEN- he took me to a comedy show on campus. What a day!! We had so much fun. We were just so happy and enjoying each other. It's was wonderful!

Then, on actually Valentine's Day, I left some suprises for him around the house and cooked him a delicous dinner and peach cobler. His fav, not mine. haha. It's days like these that make me EVEN more grateful for Michael. He really tries so hard to make me happy, and it works! And what is with all the Valentine's haters in the world? I never hated it! Even if you don't have a valentine, I am always all about a reason to celebrate and eat candy!

On Monday, Kelly and Tyler were in town so we had another get together with them and the Hiltons and Dad and Heather and Brooke. Talk about fun! It's so great to catch up with everyone. And Tiffy and Kelly's babies are seriously perfectly adorable and I could just gobble them up!! It was hard to go back to work after that long, wonderful weekend. But, it turned out to be a good week, as it always does! Now, we're excited for this weekend because Anessa is in town and we get to have a gathering with her, Brooke, Lindsey, and the Lances! REUNION!

...unfortunately, last night at 3:30 AM nature hit me with it's WORST illness. You terrible UTI, I will not let you ruin my weekend. But seriously, I found myself all last night wondering why this particular infection has to even exist. TMI?? sorry. But I figure it you're reading my blog, we're probably tight and you know I'm blunt anyway.