Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everything's Bigger in Texas

I can't believe I went to Texas. Isn't it crazy when you plan something for the longest time, and then it's over?! I've been looking at the "TEXAS!" page in my planner for months and now I've passed that page. NUTS! Well, I had a GREAT/ funny/ sick/warm/ GREAT TIME! Oh yeah- just to answer any questions real quick, I went to Texas to be a bridesmaid in my friend Shellie's wedding. Shellie is my friend because... well, because she is Michael's sister :). So I clearly met her through him, and I just love her. And here is the beautiful bride...
Isn't she gorgeous! Ok so as you can imagine, spending a weekend with Michael's WHOLE extended family was maybe a little bit stressful. I had SO many thoughts and worries and yada yada yada. Although, I was never nervous. I think because I've met them all multiple times before and I've only had good experiences and I'm able to totally be myself! Anyway, it went just great. They were SO GOOD TO ME. There were many, MANY comments made about how "Jenni's a keeper" and about how Michael and I are perfect together. I must say, I agree. Seriously, every member of that Woodmansee Family is so good to me. Especially Grandpa! He's HILARIOUS! He just lives in IF so I've spent a lot of time with him and his wife over the last 2 years. He reminds me of my dad and he had nothing but good things to say to me and about me and he took care of me when I was sick. He told me that he knew I was a keeper because the first time I went to his house, he offered me food, and I actually ate it! haha! At one point, I was in a 15 passenger van with Michael's grandparents, parents, aunts, sister in law, and niece. hahaha- it really was comical, but also very enjoyable! we just talked and laughed and I am totally myself around them, it's becoming so comfortable and i love it.

Anyway, yes- unforunately, I woke up on Thursday morning feeling awful. I didn't sleep much because I had hot flashes all night. I had a HORRID cough, I'm pretty sure I had a fever. I even broke out in Hives like I used to when I was little. You know when your head hurts to bad that you can't move your eyes... yeah it was like that. There were definately miserable moments. Like the ones where I was so weak that it took ALLLL my strength to wash my hair. Yeah- wonderful timing for a sickness. BUT, I did ok. Once we got going during the day, i was able to function.

Basically, I'm so glad I went. I love that family. They are all just SO GOOD TO ME, that's really the only way I can put it. I could tell a million examples. I get along great with all of michael's siblings and i just adore his niece and nephews, we had a lot of fun. They're getting used to me now and run and hug me when I walk in the room. I love it! The other bridesmaids were totally cool too, we all got along and had a good time arranging flowers, getting our nails done, helping shellie, wedding stuff ya know. and only in Texas could you get married on March 15th, OUTSIDE. oh mannnnn the weather was to DIE FOR! It was very sad to come back to snow. It was sunny and warm every day there!

I only cried once, but choked up multiple times because weddings just do that to me. But at one point Shellie and I were taking a picture together, and she looked at me and just started crying and said "I miss my Mikey and I wish he was here". And I said, "ME TOO!" so there was me, shellie, and his mom all tearing up hahaha! Oh and Shellie's husband Judd is radical too. They're just awesome.

So, what does all of this mean? I don't know- nobody knows.... we'll find out in approximately 1 year, 1 month, and 13 days. I'm pretty sure we all know how I hope it works out... but I'm aware that anything could happen. Anyway, there is so much more I could say but this has been long already!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

21... Wierd!

Well I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! Everyone was so good to me. It was definately my favorite college birthday ever :) My siblings and parents called me and my roomies were great and steph made me feel like I was home and so special and just made my birthday everything a birthday should be. Stephanie Mitchell, you're the best. Thank you! Here are some pictures of my fun day!

Don't be alarmed by my beauty in this picture hahaha! i just couldn't wait to rip open my package from mom and dad RIGHT when I woke up! I LOVEEEEEEE my ring!!! thank you so much mom!!!!!! i love you!On our way to IF :) I was so glad Tiffy could come! I miss playing with her!Em, you totally called it!Our trunk full of a days shopping!! seriously- we shopped allll day and everyone bought something at every store it seemed. oh it was fabulous... thanks dad ;)

Anyway, it was great and I feel so blessed! Now, it's late and I have to study for my chem quiz tomorrow that I have to take before I leave for Texas, yep- I'm off to the great, WARM state of texas for the next 4 days!I'll let ya know how it goes!

Have a wonderful weekend!