Monday, October 1, 2012

Do you want to share a peeve?

When there is something that bugs my parents, they say: "do you want to share a peeve?" I totally love it. Every once in a while, you need to share your pet peeves. So, here I go. I'm sure my husband is sick of hearing about them. And for some reason, I think typing them for the world to hear will make me feel better :)

1) LOUD CARS! We live right on the corner of a busy stop sign intersection. And like 3 houses down from the fire station. Worst. To all of you who rev your engines, peel out, drive RIDICULOUSLY noisy trucks or motorcycles, or run the stop sign and get in crashes...STOP IT! You're driving me crazy. The garbage trucks are crazy loud too, but I appreciate their service. And Harlow is terrified of the fire trucks and screams every time their sirens go off, but I also am thankful for their service, so that is not included in my pet peeve. I will just never buy a home next to a fire station.

2) UNKIND POLITICAL COMMENTS. I am totally cool with political opinions of course. I'm so thankful that we live in a free country where we can believe whatever we want. But I cannot STAND these comments "republicans are such IDIOTS" or "liberals are all morons" or worse. My goodness people, what happened to respecting each other? These "republicans" or "democrats" are PEOPLE. Not just a group of no named nothings. They are people with feelings and calling names isn't cool. Not even when it's in a political environment. Obviously we don't have to agree, but we really should stop acting like name-calling children and act like grown ups who know how to be kind to each other.

3) LOUD SWALLOWING. If you swallow loud enough that it can be heard across the room over the TV or other noises...remind me to be chewing something crunchy in your presence so the noise is drowned out.

4) UTAH ACCENTS. It is not dill, it's deal. It is not fumily, it is family. It is not sell, it's sale. Phewph, feels good to finally get that one out.

5) DISHWASHER SOAP DISPENSER. Mine doesn't open. My gosh. It drives me INSANE. Sometimes the soap comes out and cleans my dishes, and sometimes it doesn't. So, I have to wait to the end and see if the soap came out, and if it didn't, I have to run it again. Bahh it seriously sets me ON FIRE when it doesn't work!

That just felt wonderful. Now you all know. Those are the things that get under my skin. And I seriously think I'm going to sleep more soundly tonight now that I've voiced those things :)

In other news, things continue to go well for us here, so I truly have nothing to complain about. My mom and Dad and sister, Emily and her kids are coming to visit this week and I CANNOT WAIT A SINGLE BIT! More on that later!


Danielle said...

pahhaha I love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

So funny, and so glad you shared! That's a utah accent? I never realized that my friend has one....we got this whale pool for jet a few years ago and she called it the "well" pool. I always thought it was weird how she pronounced it. Makes sense now. : ) There's a sell at!!!

Amy McFarlane said...

i didn't know utah people had accents? i'll have to listen more carefully :) i'm glad you got it all out! and loud chewing and swallowing and smacking of lips drive me crazy!!

Michael said...

Jenni is actually talking about me. I swallow my water relatively loud. its involuntary, she is stuck with it for the rest of her life :-)

Erica and Spencer said...

We had that problem with our dishwasher and it drove me crazy! So crazy that I actually thought about starting to wash my dishes by hand. I ended up getting one of these: and used it until my landlord replaced our dishwasher. It was a little expensive but it made me less crazy and got the job done.

There is suposed to be a free trial that you can get right now but the server is having problems. I'll try to remember to keep checking and if I can figure out how to get it to work I'll let you know! It really did save my sanity.

Carol and Bruce said...

Very funny! It's good for you to vent your frustrations. Oh, and tell Michael that you don't have to be stuck with it for the rest of your life, now that he knows it bothers you, he CAN work on it:) Love you Michael!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the Utah accents. I devoted an entire blog entry to that once. I am guilty, since I am a Southern Utahn, but there are things that drive me insane, too. Add more, I love it.

Sarah said...

I seriously just died laughing. We have a lot of the same pet peeves. Love it!! Miss you girl!!